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Day 3 is up with Day 4 coming soon!

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All five days are up. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey everyone! With war starting to feel a bit stale, I wanted to take a different approach with my YouTube videos. I think there’s a lot of really cool 3- and 4-star heroes in this game and I really enjoy the diversity of the tournaments, so I decided to do a week-long tournament video series. I’ll probably continue this in the future too. Enjoy!

P.S. I did summon Loki and Tyr recently, so once I get them leveled and emblemed, that will allow me to change up my war teams a little and make it a tad more interesting. I will absolutely still be doing war videos, but it won’t be my central focus like in the past.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


I don’t know why anyone hasn’t leave comments yet. Cool videos, and truly nice thinking and understanding about how and why to use this or that hero. Thanks for sharing.

Ps. You have nice soothing voice and I liked the way you expressed your feelings with turns of the battles.


@NittanyLionRoar congrats on your 10k subscribers!

this means, now you can make some money after all the long work. congrats!

keep it up! :grinning:

edit: or you might need 30k…link; dont really know more, anyway congrats again!

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Hey everyone! I will be doing my first official livestream today at noon EST (12:00 pm in New York City, for those around the world). I’ll be streaming my war hits. Please feel free to jump on, chat and meet some new people from around the E&P world. Here is the link, but I highly recommend going to YouTubr so you can join the chat. See you soon!

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@Guvnor isn’t there a way for that to change based on what time zone the user reading it is in?

Thought zephyr was doin fancy :poop: like that

@NittanyLionRoar i wish we would have been your first stream opponents but cant always get what we want, hopefully next meetup you’ll make us famous though! I’ll try to tune in today but gotta run errands so might miss it




2: add in the date & time. If you want some times to always show you go to advanced mode & select some of the timezones you want:


Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you who joined my first official livestream a week ago–I had a ton of fun! I thought it went really well, so here’s the link to my next livestream, which will be 2020-08-16T16:00:00Z. I recommend going to YouTube when it goes live so you can join the party and chat with everyone. See you then!

In case you want to catch the first official livestream, you can view it here:

Hey everyone, come hang out with me and the gang 2020-08-23T16:00:00Z as I take on Утгард! Here’s the YouTube link to the stream, but if you want to chat, make sure to follow the link to YouTube. See you soon!

I’ll be starting in just a few minutes. Come join the fun :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I’ll be going live soon. Join me at 2020-08-30T16:00:00Z as I fight Atas Kopitiam. If you’d like to join the party and chat with everyone, make sure to view this on YouTube. See you soon!

Join me for a war where the ghosts of Xtreme Panda join forces to battle against Order Del Phoenix on 2020-09-06T16:00:00Z! Come hang out, say “hi,” meet some new people, and yell at me when I make mistakes. I recommend following the link to YouTube so you can take part in the chat. See you soon!

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Going live in just a few minutes!

Hey everyone! I found a new home and here are my first war hits with the new alliance. Enjoy!


Hey everyone! I’m starting the livestream a little earlier to accommodate the start of the NFL season. Come join me 2020-09-13T15:30:00Z! This is a TOP 5 war matchup!

I’m going live soon, see you in the chat!

Hey everyone! I’m about to go live (2020-09-20T15:30:00Z). Come join me on YouTube so you can be a part of the chat :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Here’s the link to my war livestream, which will happen at 2020-09-27T15:30:00Z. Join me on YouTube if you want to be a part of the chat!


I’m going live in just a few minutes! Join me on YouTube if you want to participate in the chat.

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