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Hey everyone! I want to invite you to my YouTube channel where I provide a lot of community content. I cover everything from advice and strategy, to my summons, to war and raids, and my beginner and expert guides. Subscribe and enjoy!


Check out my battles vs Seven Days Forever. After the first fight, there’s nowhere to go but up :rofl:


You withstanding Drake sure is something else! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here are my war hits against Abusement Park on 8/4/19. Enjoy!

Nice played, unlucky with the 1st board but it got better :sweat_smile:. Keep on making them movies, helped me a lot, thx for that :+1:

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Thanks for sharing - I really appreciated your calm approach to a truly awful first board. I would have had to at least yell at my phone :angry:.


By the way, I’d appreciate if everyone would petition to SG to incorporate a game volume feature. Rather than simply turning on or off the sound entirely, I’d like to turn down the sound effects and music so you can here me better: Volume option for music and sound effects

Hey everyone. If you like my videos I’d also appreciate if you vote for SG to incorporate a volume control so I can turn down the music and sound effects so you can hear me better. The option to turn it down completely or leave it in full blast right now is too limited: Volume option for music and sound effects

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Thanks for sharing! :+1:

Here are all of my war hits against Aggressive during our 8/24/19 war. Enjoy!


Heard it was a good one! :slight_smile:

Here are all six of my hits again Seven Days Departed. Enjoy!


Hey everyone! Xtreme Panda just celebrated its 100th war victory today! Come join the party :sunglasses:


Congrats @NittanyLionRoar. Pandas rock :blush:

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Congrats Xtreme Panda :wink::wink:

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Congrats to y’all!


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So how many losses during this span?


In a ROW??


37 war victories on your way through the parking lot.


@l2ider we are 100-39 overall.

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That’s sic!!! WTG!!!

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