NittanyLionRoar - 10,000 Subscriber Celebration Summons!

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel!!! My cat Basil and I would like to celebrate hitting 10,000 subscribers by spending at least 10k gems on Valhalla summons. Come join the fun! :grinning:


Congratz for 10K subscribers,
Lady Lucky
Bad Santa…

Cheers :beers:


Congrats! Really like your channel :+1: :grinning:


Thanks! I would love some opinions on which of the 5-stars to level first.


Congrats Nittany for the subscribers and the pulls. It were your videos who made me better and better so thanks for that.
I kinda like the idea of seeing Lady Loki in your boom or bust team. First let Vela and Grave fire and then pull the trigger.


Congrats to 10k subscribers and your pulls :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to see Lady Loki in your warhits :heart_eyes:


Congratulations! I’ve always enjoyed watching your videos. You sharing your thought process during war hits has always been insightful!


Congrats for your achievements and seeming like a decent guy. I learned a lot from your earlier videos. Never forgave you for the condescending tone that time however…

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Gratz dude awesome achievement :blush::+1::+1::+1:


I don’t know why, but watching other players summoning heroes is enjoyable for me. I like those kind of videos and I’m even cheering for them to get good heroes. :smiley:
To be honest, watching 30x pull was kind of… disappointing…

Anyway, congrats for two 5* and 10k subscribers!



With so many long-term long time players retiring it is so good to see you reach this milestone and in spite of the odds continuing to roar loudly.

It gives long-term players like myself a shot in the arm to see positive things.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

The Kitty was really cheering you on today.

Lady Loki on the very last pull!!!



Congrats on 10,000 well deserved subscribers! You’ve been a great teacher. Thank you for all the time you’ve given us.

I wish YT could translate Basil’s commentary. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Congrats on reaching 10k subscribers!

That Tyr pull with coins was real exciting to watch :slight_smile:

Both Lady Loki and Tyr are good choices to level honestly.

L.L.'s advantage is being a red dispeller in the age of Telluria tanks with Vel-maker flanks, so a very useful counter to that center. She is average though, so mana troop required to help her charge in time.

Tyr is a Fighter + Barbarian + Ranger all rolled into one hero. He is extremely difficult to kill when he’s emblemed and his bleed DoT stacks with burns from other red heroes.

Tough choice, but no wrong one IMO.

Need a disclaimer “do not try this at home.”

That 30-pull was brutal and subscribers see that final draw and forget that the previous 39 pulls were somewhat sort of complete trash before Lady Loki.

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Well deserved. One of the most pleasent and informative E&P Channels out there. Congrats NLR!

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:+1: I enjoy your content, it has helped my play style. Congratulations and I do love the way you frame the pulls in the statistics. Helps me get over my pulls this Vallhala 3 star vanilla does not seem worth the F2P grind :rofl:

Congrats!! Love your videos!!