Ninjas on defense

So the ninja’s are awesome and I have tested them on my raid defense. No secret that their charge is “erratic”/unpredictable on defense. I was wondering why not make them work like Thor while they are on defense?

First charge hits one enemy, 2nd hit target and allies and 3rd hits all?

Basically you are asking to make them fire 3 times with 3 charges instead of 6 charges.
You also said that they are awesome, do they need this advantage also in defense?

Awesome for offensive use but while on def, they’re unpredictable as to when they will fire off. So either have us manually set when they let off or maybe change it to like Thor will be.

No thanks, they are very very good heroes already, some may say too good (cobalt…)

The randomness on defence is the only thing currently stopping them being OP and also to use your Thor example, he is very fast and so takes 6.5 tiles instead of the charge which is 5 tiles. To get to Thor’s last cycle, it is 19.5 tiles (or whatever the defence equivalent is) for the ninja it would only be 15

Absolutely not!
The only thing that makes ninjas not completely (because they are still a little bit OP) in defense is that randomness.

Haha aright i guess that’s not all that great of an idea but im not sure why folks call a hero “op”?

A 10 year old car had a cost of X with certain features that were standard. Now 10 years later, the same model costs the same with more power and more features that are standard so the old car owner should be upset?

These are practices of every for profit business in order to be profitable and keep things exciting for consumers.

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I think Mica can be a great tank or even flank, he’s an ultra fast Aegir and even if he doesn’t fire at skill 1 then skill 2 is still at Aegir speed. His skill is even better, the fast mana+ feeding an ursena or killhare flank :skull: tank stats too.
Maybe like that :thinking::crazy_face:

New cars have a few new features, all right, but the basics stay the same. They drive around on four wheels. These ninjas dodge tiles… that’s like having cars fly instead of drive. A flying car would easily fit the “OP” description, so, that might be why ninja heroes are considered OP by average players.
Normal families have bonuses for 2/3/4/5 heroes on the battlefield, ninjas are fortunately limited to 2/3 heroes, anything above that would be insanely OP… just imagine, if the bonuses went on for the 4th and 5th ninja, a 5 x ninja defense, each of them having a 20% chance to avoid tiles and specials and a 20% chance of counterattacking with 150% damage. And that’s always active innate abilities, not special skills.

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