Ninjas firing at first charge more frequently when auto-farming?

Don’t really consider this a bug, but when I auto’ed the Find Battle Items II quest, it seems like Onyx was firing earlier than normal. I don’t usually pay attention to the screen when on auto-mode, so it was only during the 2nd quest when I saw that he was firing on first charge. Did the 3rd quest on auto but this time I watched the screen, and he fired on first charge every time.

I did some tests and at times it was normal (i.e random), but there was an extreme case where all the ninjas fired on first charge every time

I don’t have videos of previous auto-farming, but I have to say that he rarely fires on first charge. Anyone else has this same behavior or is RNG just screwing with my head early in the morning?

There’s an old thread for this but it’s been closed

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