Ninja troops upgrade, paying players

Hi, how it is possible that some players have their ninja troops, which are only about 1-2 month in game, just acsended to level 30. I know these players are paying players, but even so how can they produce so many troops in that short time to feed them up? I play game 2,5 years and did not have just any of my 4* troops to max level because of low number of recieved troops from game.(4* and 3* troops are very rare for me).

Game should be divided into more parts, one part for not paying, and for paying players to few another parts (3) - how much they invest…as time goes by it is still harder to keep up with them…impossible

Agree with the idea, I have very strong 5* heroes and my troops are a fiasco, I just can’t level them up due to the low experience they provide and the humongous amount of ham. Is there any way to bypass the leveling process? Or you most spend a fortune in gems to get troops and food?

Most likely because they stored some hundreds of ETTs mixed with a excessive amount of smaller troops.

I have stored a lot of food (about 500days in training level 20), so that is not my problem(I have no chance to spend it, I have even no new heroes to ascend), but income of troops is very very rare - max. about 10 troops (usually 1*) per day and I don’t waste any energy and I still produce troops in academy. I recieve 1 troop (1-2*) approximately every 5th battle. So there is no way to save hundreds-thousands of them…to get max level…in 2,5years I recieved only 25 4* troops (I have still all of them)…

The easiest way is just to Summon a ton of feeders from the Troop Portal.

A rough cost estimate for that:


No lol. They just did massive troop summons with gems to get the required feeders. And gem refilled food as necessary.

I thought I am the only one. My first rainbow set is 20 to 26 in level.

I was thinking of a similar system a few days ago but I don’t think is even possible unless they check the transaction history everyday or when a player makes a transaction.

If you know how to store your food correctly, there is no need to buy refills. To expect that people are spending some hundreds of dollars if the game is providing the same for free just shows that you don’t really understand how the game is working…

I think you all answered your own questions.

Money. Lots of money.

Money can’t buy happiness. But a crapton of it can buy you a top level team in this game.

People here always say, “spenders still have to deal with RNG like the rest of us, they can get bad pulls.”

Yeah, and they can put in more money and keep summoning until they get good pulls.

“Spenders still don’t have all the unfarmable ascension mats to finish all of their heroes.”

They can buy many of those, too.

“They still have to put in time to level them up.”

WE flasks + loot tickets + training time skips + ham refills

Literally everything in this game can be bought. For the “right” price. Way too rich for my blood.


Summon troops? 1600 gems for 10

It’s certainly not necessary by any means but you are the one who really doesn’t understand the game if you think people aren’t buying them. A LOT of Korean and Russian players spend massive amounts of money on this game. Maybe theyre not refilling food with gems regularly but they are for sure refilling WE with gems and purchasing WE flasks whenever available. And for certain they troop summon with gems to have enough feeders to have multiple lvl 30 troops of the same color.

Btw that video doesn’t really show jack. He only got 1 troop to lvl 18 and probably used several months of saved up food. The food required goes exponentially up so the troop isn’t even leveled half way yet.


Yes and no.

You can easily store excess food, which makes it much easy to play without paying for ham refills.

However, if you spend a lot of gems on WE refills for extra farming, it is fully possible to burn thru ham faster than you can get it, and either need to buy refills or simply wait before you can do things that require ham.

From what I can see, spending gems on ham refills (or iron refills) is about as bad a value for your gems as most of the “normal” “deals” that show up in the store…and most players spending less than hundreds of dollars per month have better ways to spend their gems.


2500 is about right. Maybe a shade less using only the ninja portal.


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