Ninja troop not leveled

Managed to pull a ninja troop yesterday so absolutely bombed her with troops to level her up until I ran out of food (couldn’t believe how easy it is to level the early levels compared to my level 20 troops lol) opened the game today to get more food and finish feeding her troops but she is showing level 1! All the troops I used are still gone but she is not leveled? Am I the only person or has anybody else come across it? It’s a hell of a lot of troops to lose, not to mention all the food I am still trying to farm back :angry:

You need to open a support ticket for that kind of bug. Nothing can be done about it on forums, unless you are looking for people with similar experiences (didn’t see anything like that posted though, and if it was a general issue then I am pretty sure there would be hundreds of posts about it).

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