Ninja tower Toxic Vapour Effect -- Killing Mobs with Skills / Battle Items counts as a "turn" & fires the Deadly Chamber Effect

I saw that every time i clear a stage ( did not notice if the finale stage count too) i get damage from deadly poison Chamber effect even if the countdown Is not over yet.

I noticed that this happen even if i kill the last of 3 Monsters with a special and the countdown do not reset or lower because the turn Is not over.

I believe it is working as intended. If you have doubts, please replay any of the special stages in the 1st three provinces of Atlantis.

Hm im not sure that Is Fair. But anyway It should be wrote in the …idk how ti Say “option” Just so players know that and do not get It as a Surprise.

I understand your plight. When this game started, very very very little info was given to players. But it is the players, those avid and dedicated and unselfish ones who devoted time and effort just to come up with good info based on their actual game experiences, i.e. troops, heroes, damage calculation, stacking, titans, farming, etc.

When toxic vapor deals damage in the start of the turn and I use skill to kill last mob - toxic vapor deals extra damage.

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There is no comments from moderators or developers. Does it work as intended?

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