Ninja Tower strategies

Pretty exaggerated if you ask me. All heroes started with 0 curses and this is how I ended. Even tornados wouldn’t have helped here

I’m not really a fan of the Ninja Tower but I do like it better than the Taverns event. I go as far as possible without using one single item.

It has shown me the difference in strength and depth between my two profiles. My older one (by 3 months) is level 83. I’m already stuck on level 24 of the tower with very few options left.

My younger profile (level 81) is at level 30 with quite a few five stars left.


I was playing first two towers without using any battle items - 38th and 42nd floor were my results.
This time I decided to finish it, and I must say that having tornados available is a completely different challenge…So yeah… In this evet battle items are not only needed to be competitive, for most of us it’s a must if we want to finish it.


Yep you figured out the ancient secret. :rofl: Looking at my inventory I burned almost 70 tornadoes this time (half of them were not necessary, just wanted to charge heroes faster for better score), but IMO trading iron for emblems is 100% worth it. Which is why I went a bit nuts with tornadoes starting from the second ninja tower.

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Take minion buffs, they give decent meatshield.

I’ve done the minions this time unlike last time. When I use purples and bring Freya it’s quite powerful with her attack boost.

I’ve played every level 3-2, based on the boss colors and when there’s 3 colors I play based on the boss and mob colors

Overheal, minions, mana control and elemental defense down are key to me so heros like Almur and Jackal, gulli, Heimdall, Miki and zocc have been my go tos.

I used pair of Gullinbursti against purple enemies to great effect. The fact buffs last so short in later stages means that their damage procs the next turn, which I found quite handy. Especially since that damage is AoE, paired with HP boost and not affected by enemy defense.

I love that pig. Probably the best hero of last year.


I went with Mana generation, attack, and minions. The additional attack helps greatly for tile damage and the increased attack, helps beef up minions. I use minions for the shielding they provide. Ran Santa and Krampus together and got me wins. Minions may not seem like much, but they will save your behind

Finished just outside of top 500 this time, bitter sweet haha. Unfortunately think top 1000 is as high as I will get until I improve my roster (i.e. obtain and max some more 5*s that are good for ninja tower lol, unlikely with my budget…) - or perhaps I’ll need to rethink my strategy a bit and debate if it’s worth spending any gems so I can flee some terrible boards… not sure the gem gamble is even worth it tbh for maybe 100 more emblems. Good gaming all!


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