Ninja Tower strategies

Thanks for this thread. I will flag it for reading for the next tower.

I got a late start days 1 & 2, which meant wasted energy, which meant it was largely a waste of time for me to try to progress far, given the rewards. I knew I wasn’t getting to a level beyond minimum rewards, as I’m not reaching level 35-40 or whatever that took to do so when behind on free attacks, and frankly neither a really paying nor a power player.

At later stage towards the end, minions summoners are very helpful.

Redhood and santa brought and protected me to the last stage.

Agree with everything here so far. Will also add that a couple Scrolls of Alteration in the last 2 levels were really effective. They will loosen up a board, contribute a bunch of tile damage, and ready your specials (I ran mono fire for the last few levels).

I found Wilbur, Noor, Lady of the Lake especially effective throughout. I think I will skip using 3-star, weak 4-star teams early on next time and just go for it with my better heroes.

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I just wanted to add about the mana% blessing and how it impacted my troop selection.
Here are the breakpoints I was looking at - with % mana being the sum of all mana bonuses including blessing, costume bonus, mana troop, and talents. For each speed I’ve bolded important breakpoints to reach. Multiples of 3 should be the focus. Higher breakpoints will charge faster in some situations and will have an impact, but are not as reliable of a boost. See below for examples.

Very Fast

  • 9% = 6 tiles
  • 30% = 5 tiles


  • 15% = 7 tiles
  • 34% = 6 tiles


  • 12% = 9 tiles
  • 25% = 8 tiles
  • 43% = 7 tiles


  • 10% = 11 tiles
  • 20% = 10 tiles
  • 34% = 9 tiles

Very Slow

  • 4% = 13 tiles
  • 13% = 12 tiles
  • 23% = 11 tiles
  • 35% = 10 tiles

Edit: small mana potions

  • 34% = fill hero with 3 small mana potions instead of 4.
  • So instead of 2 super mana potions that can fill two heroes, you can bring 7 small mana potions to fill 2 heroes and have one potion left over. Very useful with heroes like Heimdall or Guillinbursti that you want to get to 34% anyways. Not for speed/scoring, but helpful for completion. I’m fairly sure that mana boosts to increase mana pots (like healing boosts increase healing pots) but someone please correct me if this is wrong. I didn’t actually test this, but rather realized this later.

For each hero I would look at what bonuses they already have (costume/talents) and what troops I have available. If I can reach an important (bolded) breakpoint they would get priority for the lowest level mana troop that reaches it. If not I can give them crit troops for more survivability, or ninja troops/leftover mana troops for more attack.

Here are some examples of how I would evaluate each hero after selecting the 5th +mana gen at level 42 for a 25% blessing.

  • Very fast - already reached the important breakpoint of 9% without any other bonuses. Any level spare mana troops will reach the next breakpoint, but if they are needed to help another hero reach an important breakopint the mana troop should be used there.

  • Fast - worth using a lvl 11+ mana troop to reach 6 tiles, or any level troop with costume bonus or +4% mana talent, or lvl 5+ troop with 2% talent.

  • Average - Already reached past the important breakpoint to reach 8 tiles, and can only get down to 7 with costume bonus plus lvl 23+ mana troop or +4% talent plus level 29+ mana troop. Most likely you want your mana troops elsewhere unless not needed for important breakpoints.

  • Slow - worth using a lvl 11+ mana troop to reach 9 tiles, or any level troop with costume bonus or +4% talent.

  • Very slow - Already reached past the important breakpoint to reach 11 tiles, and can drop that to 10 tiles with a lvl 17+ mana troop without mana talents.

So the best bang for your troop after obtaining the 25% mana blessing is boosting fast to 6 tiles and slow to 9 tiles. Other breakpoints can be reached which will help, but not at the expense of those two speeds.

Similar evaluations can be made with earlier mana blessings. I personally find the mana blessing the most beneficial one and found it interesting to move troops around when switching heroes or adding new blessings to maximize this advantage.


I have already discussed by strategies in another thread, please click this link if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Amazing analysis! Thanks a bunch!:smiley:

Agree that all decent minion makers can be very effective. I personally wouldn’t use a scroll of alteration again (even though I did use one in my first run through) due to how exceedingly rare these things are. At least with tornadoes your main limitation is iron (once you have banked enough nuggests from 5.8). But you will always have a limit of the titan mats for scrolls, so I think those are better invested in getting a good titan score.

Great analysis. This time around I was a bit lazy and just kept whatever troops I had (not that I have that much to choose from, most of my troops are around lvl 11) and hoped for the best but I will use this post to take a more calculated approach next time

Resurrecting in anticipation of the event next week

I really hope the so called completion rewards they added will be per 10 floors and actually worth the hassle. It’s by far the hardest challenge in game, so I hope it will be rewarded such way.

If it’s all the same I’d rather just get a better competition reward for each level. I know I can make it through 45 levels, but it takes a lot to make it through those last 5. I’d rather feel better about giving up at level 48.

The version 33 notes state that they added ‘Progression reward Chests’. By the plural I judge there will be more than one then. I am going out of limb and say you get reward after each 10th floor, after the animation. Now what is important is what is actually in those chests …

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Discussions about loot are valid enough, but there are other threads for it. This is a thread purely for strategies and tactics…

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Agree that I’m not gonna dilly dally with all 3* teams in early stages this time around, I didn’t really get cursed until middle of the tower anyway and then I just couldn’t used 3s anymore because they were too weak, not because they were cursed. :laughing: Hopefully won’t regret, I mean I had a bunch of unused 4s last time so I think I’ll start with decent mono 4* teams.

I didn’t take any minions last time but since I’m not really going for high scores I may try them out this time, definitely will help with survivability in later stages.

Working on 2nd bursti atm but 2nd wu will probably have to wait until next ninja tower to be leveled. He was a good monkey 2 months ago! Actually liked him better for this than titans, there’s no stun spot I’m depending on to not get massacred. :laughing:


I took the bonus for lantern minions and they helped significantly especially against those bosses.

This time around I’m thinking of doing the same

Have there been any updates and changes to this new Tower?

Just the loot structure and some bug fixes mainly from what I read. One big difference is if you die and the curse hasnt counted down yet then it wont stick

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Some thoughts from the first Tower Event

  • Since most of my 5* are average and slow, I’ll probably go with the mana generation bonuses again

  • Lady Woolerton becomes really good when her ailment is removed quickly

  • Timestops were useful near the final levels just to give my healers time to keep my heroes alive

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