Ninja Tower: Oni tile match ignored, board scrambled

I set up a match to clear an Oni tile, but that was the only match on the board. Before I could move tiles and make the match, the game mistakenly thought there were no matches and scrambled the board. Apparently Oni tiles aren’t recognized when the game is determining if the board has any legal matches available?

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Post pics, screenshots or videos, or it didn’t happen.

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This is a bug post forum. I’m not posting here for YOUR approval, I’m posting to help the devs find and eradicate bugs.


I agree. Not everyone records their hits.
If you saw a bug, please try and report it straight to SG through the in-game links so they can look into it.
Best to provide a rough time of when it happened (and your time zone).

Good to post here mate. Others who have the same issue may come here looking.


Maybe. But posting it here instead of directly filing a support ticket would open your post to other forum-users’ scrutiny. And without evidence supporting your claim, even if filed to the support ticket, more often than not, it would be dismissed by SG.

Something like this would be quite easy to mistake during real-time play without the luxury of a video to review. On the flip side, beheaviour like this would be quite an easy thing to code in and miss in testing due to the highly specific nature of the scenario so I think there is a chance that it is real bug. Worth raising a support ticket in my opinion.

Hmm. This is my first bug report for this game. In game, Options -> Support -> Report a Bug brings you straight here.

I don’t need support - there is nothing for Support to resolve. The match is done, it happened right near the end, the scramble allowed me to kill the boss instead of clearing the Oni tile, so it’s not a support issue. I clearly witnessed behaviour in-game that for all appearances looks like a bug. I posted it here so that a) if others are experiencing this, they can similarly report it, and b) so the devs can look into whether it is something funny in their code.

I don’t need evidence because I don’t need resolution. I am simply trying to do the right thing, and submit a likely bug report through the in-game mechanism for doing so. :slight_smile:

Yeah, and my thinking is that if they mis-coded how the game views Oni tiles (e.g. perhaps they coded them as immovable in the “verify there’s a legal move” algorithm), they’ll very quickly be able to identify that and fix it.

I’d love to have a video, but I’m not in the habit of recording all my matches. And given how specific I was in identifying the in-game situation, it should be easy to investigate.

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