Ninja Tower - Ninja heros should be rewarded


I dont know if you feel the same but Ninja Tower should give ninjas heroes not regular ones when exchanging coins. So much time and resources invested to get pathetic Gan Ju is unfair adding to that that the coins are being gained slowly. Ninja tower - Ninja heroes.

Who agrees?

While in my heart I agree with you, the reality is that SG would never implement it. Because it would create a “ninja hero inflation”, where there were too many fancy ninja heroes.


Maybe you’re right but the ratio is still low. They can make harder to get coins thus harder to summon ninja heroes. The inflation will remain as it is.
TBH next ninja tower i will just skip at the moment where i will need to invest resources in it. Twice i got myself involved too much in it and twice disappointed.

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The idea is noble. But the thing is, the game is designed and patterned to collectible cards. It really isnt a big hit in my country, but every now and then, some of these collectible cards, from marvel characters to Pokémon to baseball cards to basketball players, etc., these cards are bought in packs of 10 (I think most of them do), but the contents therein, the cards themselves, are unknown. Most of the time, you get dupes or multiples of the same card, and in a very small odds, you get the rare, and at the very very very dismal odds, you get the rarest among the rares. I think that may be the reason why the heroes are also on a card. You need to summon for them. You need to collect them.

Otherwise, there’s no fun if everyone got all the heroes. It would boring too quick. That may be the reason of the allure of those collectibles, Pokémon go, and the rest of them.

I think we all can agree that the rewards for ninja tower is dismal to say the least, consider how many resources and efforts you need to put into it. The loot system should be improved.

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IIRC, the loot rewards were already improved… several times already.


Facts don’t matter. I got 977 emblems from Ninja Tower this time but no guarantee ascension mat so many will always consider it trash.


It would at least be nice to have 3* ninjas we can draw. I’d be a little more excited about drawing a 3* event hero than another Gan Ju, even if it’s someone I’d never use. Event heroes are more fun. The Tavern of Legends suffers from the same lack of lower-rarity event heroes.

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Or, and stay with me here, but maybe, just maybe facts DO matter, and the fact might be that without ascension mats, emblems are worthless to some? Could just be that that is also a fact?


Or, and stay with me here, but maybe, just maybe, ascension mats are available in almost every other type of event (ranging from guaranteed to guaranteed in tier to rng based) and if the tower didn’t have mats the flip side would be that it is the single best source of emblems in the game? And emblems are useful to EvERYONE in the game

Of course it does actually have mats. 2/4 of the last ninja towers I reviewed a 4* mat. So I guess there goes my argument…

Ps facts always matter. Just not the ones that are pretending to be so

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That’s 100% true… I have 1900 ranger emblems, and I just took Triton from 4/70 to +20, even if I almost never use him, only because I couldn’t stand the sight of 2400 ranger emblems gathering dust ( not that 1900 is any better)

That’s very true. But I’ve never seen someone articulate that situation before.

Since you have the power to articulate you’re adding value to the discussion. What bothers me are the people who just say “it’s trash”.

Oh? I did not know that. Maybe I should start paying more attention to all the update news.

I am very happy with the loot from NT…and btw I don’t use a heap of items to complete.

So loot to item ratio is v. good for me

I dunno or can’t remember if there was an official announcement, but I observe that the first NT provide very measly measly rewards. Then the subsequent NTs have tower chest at the end of the 50 levels. I dunno if the 2nd NT provides a tower chest every 10 levels that was made at the same time a tower chest after accomplishing all 50 levels. On the 2nd NT, I got an epic ascension mat on the last tower chest. Also, every stage provides emblems absent on the 1st NT.


First NT was only top 100 who got decent rewards. A member of our alliance scored 3000 points lower than first and was in 32k place the rewards were pathetic, so we asked the devs for something a bit more realistic and from the second NT we have had the chests after every 10 levels, so those who complete it and not carpet bomb it get something a bit more palatable in the loot rewards. Winning the first one got you 150 emblems set being 32k and 3000 points behind got you 15 emblems set

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