Ninja tower needs one tiny little change

The Ninja tower is not a bad quest, though a little aggravating to get through.

It suffers from one tiny flaw that no other quest or seasonal phase has.

And that is a recommended team power notification.

I’d rather not have to try over and over through trial and error to find out which level heroes I need in order to take on each level.

The oni curses make it hard enough.



This seems to be a completely reasonable request. Of course the “recommended team powers” are at best a very gross estimate. I habitually finish things with way less than the recommendation, and if you have heroes without synergy, even with the recommended power, you’ll be suffering.

Ninja tower is unusual though, in that the last ten levels are way easier (in my experience) than levels 31-40. This was the first time I was able to push all the way through, so my experience is admittedly limited. I also was abusing Onatel a lot (since her special is reduced to 2 turns, it absorbs 75% in the first turn and 100% in the second, basically guaranteeing that she is constantly charged and the ninjas are very slow at gaining mana), and not everyone has her.

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I don’t know if it would help…

You can create a 4700 team power team that is made of completely obsolete weirdos that is unable to win anything and you can have a team of 3700 that will just rock through it like it’s a child’s play.

Team power really means nothing nowadays. It can be as helpful as misleading to add this.


It would still be helpful to know when to use my three star heroes my four-star heroes and my five star heroes.

After all you don’t want to waste all your five star heroes on the early stages of the game.

FWIW, i only use my best mono 3* heroes on the first 10 levels of the NT. The rest, I use 4* and 5* heroes or a combination of them. All of us in this thread has been playing this game since 2018. We should have enough heroes already and not relying on the recommended team power for every stage. Team power recommendation is not really a solid basis for us to finish a stage or level. But we know this already.

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I completed the Ninja Tower with nothing but 20 total ascended 4*. BTW ended not using 2 of them at all. So it’s not really about having many heroes either, although admittedly that helps.

But I agree that team power means nothing, even if added to the levels of the Ninja Tower. It would be much more helpful to be able see enemies’ attack/defense/HP before entering a certain floor.

Lol dammit

I was hoping this “tiny lil change” was stacking flags - akin to Mythic Titan - vs 10 per day, “use em or lose em” style

Now that change I could get behind


As far as TP goes, idk, wouldn’t be against it being added- as it wouldn’t affect me one bit - but I don’t think it’s necessary… for the exact reasons already elaborated above: TP is arbitrary and fairly meaningless. I mean, I’ve completed every NT using no stronger than 3700 TP the entire time, but my guess is the final recommended TP would be something like 4700. Someone weaker may see that and get deterred, despite maybe being able to complete it with a lil confidence and strategy applied.

Also, with all of the blessings one gets, that’ll just skew the expected results even more… As in my experience, I personally find levels 31-40 way more difficult than 41-50 for that very reason. & I highly doubt the recommended TP will take that into account


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