Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

I like the direction but too much stuff going on… Please retire some stuff… Make “Matlantis” now season 3 or something. Make costumes available all month and get rid of elemental summons… find a way to tone it down

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I agree - I think there are 3 keys to what a new feature should have:

  • Should be challenging
  • Should be fun
  • Should be rewarding

Otherwise the time sink required is just not worth the investment


Hey. Can i get a reward for taking my Name? :upside_down_face:

So the new titans will only come in beta 2020 or will they be in the live version in 2020 also?

The first sneak peak of them say Q4/2020.

As I read they will come to Beta only in the end of 2020. So the release date will be in 2021.

Any chance of making this a regular thing? Global titan and add it to valor and get rid of regular titans in valor. This everyone merc crap is getting old. Everyone in global has turned into a merc recruiting sucks already and now its merc merc merc… valor was created to encourage use of everything the game has but its ruined so much. Now ppl jump in get there buddies in kill the titan and leave. Many ppl in the alliance hadnt logged in yet and mercs jump in and kill it on them. Mercs use to be cool but now everyone thinks they are mercs but they are just selfish valor seekers. Make global titan a weekly thing like the turnys. And replace regular titan hitting with global titan hits


Would love if mythic titans were similar to rare titans, but had a chance to drop a Damascus Blade or a Tome. These AMs need more love.


Soon it will be impossible to hunt for ducks over the castle since all the space will be taken by air balloons and summon portals and great deals ads.



20 misplaced ducks. Quack.


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Have the Ninja Tower change your mind?

do we have updates for how the mythic titans will work? Anything new ?

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Not really. I said this elsewhere:

My experience so far is that the format is fun, but the quantity of it is tedious.

I’m through Floor 23 and I’m pretty excited for this to end and not return for 2 months.

I’d either shorten the battles, cut the Floors, or stretch it out over more days. 10 Floors per day feels like a chore, but doing a few a day would be fun.


Its a nice event but i will go like this: 3 curse for heroes and a little bit less life for ninjas or stay like this but with 100% more better rewards, if he stays like this i will not play again

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Ninjas are one add to the game. Its a free bonus, None forcing U to do it. U can leave it there as it is. But its just free bonus and U also get free extra flags without using we. Its perfect add to the game as it is in my opinion.


Can we get more Info regarding the mystic titans ? Thanks in advance .

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