NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player

What you are missing is that much of the challenge of the ninja tower is having a deep roster of usable heroes and coming up with a plan to utilize optimally. It’s inevitable that many of your heroes are going to get cursed. You need to strategize which heroes you’re willing to sacrafice in earlier levels so that you have the ones you need available later.

Totally agree. It is excellent XP, and a way of completing a 100 challenge without using World Energy Points.
I agree with, doing it in stages. When I tried 10 floors back to back, it was hard brain work lol

Finishing the tower the first time was a challenge but as I finished that 1st one, this 2nd one is boring… too time consuming… can we just cut some of the mob waves?

At least spread them to 10 days and don’t sacrifice ToL for it, bring back ToL to be once a month event, they don’t use the same flag anyway.

Decided to finish this time as last time didn’t really put much effort into it and quit at level 25.

IMO it is totally not worth the investment needed to get it done. I finished in 4500 place. Probably will fall to the reward for 5000 to 10000 when all said and done. Wont get nearly the resources back that I spent . Also I think I only got enough stars after completing the whole thing for 1 ninja pull…that is ludicrous. Should get enough stars to get a free pull every 10 boards or so.

And if you gut that thing out, the rewards should be way better and/or increase the number of finishing places to a higher tiered reward slot.

Won’t do the tower again unless significant improvements are made to reward the player base better and/or decrease the difficulty


You are wrong. The nija tower sucks and should be removed. It is 100% impossible for all but the top 1% who already win everything else and just having it there is a slap in the face for everyone else. The rewards are garbage unless you finish and most of us can’t finish. 10 hours of work, and yes it’s work because the event isn’t fun at all for crappy rewards. I regret participating in it both times it’s come up. The event should be permanently canceled. Un fun, un balanced, and unfair.


I am sorry you feel that way. That was exactly my view 1st tower.
I am nowhere near top 1%. I am f2p with poor rooster from free pulls playing since year and few months. I managed to complete the tower with bere minimum items i mean using just small mana axes and life potions up to floor 48 then i got the big guns from free xmas stuff used 4 tornados 1 hurricane and 2 alteration and had a happy finish. Most of my healers were cursed so i couldn’t use.
My final floor team was Wilbur Kashhrek Melendor Zoc and Drake.
It’s not hard once you get the hang of it just tedious floors last 7-9 minutes cos not using items or chasing high score.
I like the tower now and will try to complete it every time it’s around. Taking back all negative i’ve said about it.


My experience both times is that I went as far as I could without dipping deep into my resources. I stopped around 30 both times.

My thoughts are that the length is very long. I would love to see 50 floors, 2 waves all the way through. This would allow me to lose fewer heroes and keep my interest up through 5 days.

The rewards for me are fitting; lots of iron, ham, battle items, recruits, and emblems for playing this one free. However, the rewards seem to lack for those that complete it, can we get a 4* mat at least for making it through that gauntlet?

I’ve also said in another post that I’m good with 2-and-out on the curses, but I would love a way to get one or two heroes back.

Overall, I liked the event too, but it does feel a little unrefined and I can see where people get discouraged by it.


So my thoughts… this time I finished it, but it will probably be the last time. Used less resources (tornadoes and bombs especially) than last time, but still too many.


  1. there is no room for error. If you fail a level you can’t finish without paying. There is no other event like this (POV1 was the closest, and that was changed). Get a bad board in the boss fight? Too bad. Give us money.

Give 11 energy/day or cut it down to 40 levels. Or give a free flask EVERY time.

  1. the rewards remain complete crap. The chests didn’t even come close to making it worthwhile. It seems that the rewards were decided before emblems were increased, and never reevaluated.

A rare 3* material should be guaranteed at 40. And a 4* at 50. Either the number of emblems in chests should be tripled or the per level doubled.

I’m not a top 1% player. I have 14 maxed 5s, about 1/3 S1 (1 event, rest HotM or S2). I do have a LOT of 4s and 3s. Enough that I could let some get cursed and not care. Used mostly 3s to 10, 4s to 35, and mix of 4 and 5 from there.

Unless they substantially improve rewards I will see how far I can get without any tornadoes. Because it’s not worth it, and I don’t feel it’s fair with the current zero tolerance flags.


There are around 30.000 players who completed NT at October, that is around 2% of players. I am a 2 years F2P and I completed the October event and in the course of completing the 2nd one. Having said that, the process is indeed boring and the reward is poor.


I suspect I’m near the bottom of the finishers; I paid no attention to score or time. At 1,194,689 and 30977th as of right now.

Last NT I was 1.196 million with 28k rank, I guess more people finish NT this round.


I’ve managed to finish the tower both times - and still I don’t like it … no, I really hate it. It’s extremely time consuming and after a long day of work it’s just another factor for stress. That has nothing to do with a mobile game any more and really has to be changed.

And no, it’s not about the rewards or the mechanics (even though I don’t get, why the bombs don’t explode at the end of the turn, but before the attack of the minions take place). It’s just the time factor. I used to really like the game, but nowadays it’s overloaded with events and this one is the lengthiest by far.


Hmm I’m no veteran player and no whale and I’m probably in the minority but I really like ninja tower. And honestly I think it levels the playing field more so than challenge events because whales can’t pick over basically unlimited number of boards. I earned over 700 emblems last week because of it, really for some time (which i enjoyed playing it) and some iron - not that much considering I won back most of the tornadoes I used. It’s not for everyone but no one is forcing you to play it. I like the new feature. I do think a 4* mat should be guaranteed for everyone that took the time and resources to finish though. Other than that it’s a welcome addition for me. I like it much more than tavern of legends which is low challenge and low rewards.


Final ranking was 32700. So I’m going to guess about 33k players finished.

More complaints about the rewards — I have 274 coins. So not even 3 pulls from 2 runs of Tower.

This is complete and utter ■■■■ SGG.


I didn’t complete the tower this time (missed a day I was busy and figured it wasn’t worth the effort any more since I would not complete it).

I’m pretty casual these days, so I’m fine with not completing it. I can spend less time in a rare quest and get a 4* AM.


I stopped on 38 floor, oni curses are often appear at tricky position and cannot clear even use tornado, and bosses are a bit too hard too. I think overall it harder then last time.

And same as the previous one, that is a battle items consuming event, but the emblem you can get is still a bit less IMHO.

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Time management is important for this event. Stages require focus, concentration and can be very exhausting and in the moments its boring…and doing 10 stages at once makes you very tired. But if you see what rewards you get at the end of the road , it is worth of effort.

Just flat takes too long!
played this tower to the mid 20s and just quit there as It was more like a job with no pay.


Yep. By level 20 I was taking 10 minutes+ per level. Sorry but I don’t have 300 spare minutes over 3 days to play that and play all the other stuff I’m going to play in E&P.


I hated it, time consuming and quite boring imo.
But I started it so I finished it, but never again and quite a few in my alliance gave up and didn’t complete it.

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