NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player

You had me at “polemics” :slight_smile:


I disagree with the OP, and am probably far more likely to be flamed because of it than he will be. I won’t write an essay.

Having said that, I love the Tavern game play, because I get to decide now to pace my heroes. That’s the one event I play knowing that (a) the reward is garbage and (b) I’m not going to finish it anyway because of the tiles. But at least it’s fun.

Ninja Tower is not fun. The tile algorithm is greatly problematic – and I get it, those who don’t believe that won’t ever believe otherwise, so fine – but for me, adding game play elements that WORSEN the already skewed tiles sucks the fun out of it. The Oni tiles (really, they need to rename that) just make bad boards even badder. You can’t plan your heroes with any great reliability, since you won’t know when the tiles will hit, their appearance is as skewed as the other tile algorithm issues, and the selection of which hero is affected is also suspect.

In any other game with less suspect aspects, this would be tolerable. But there’s too much shady stuff going on in E&P to overlook this.

Again, I’m not here to convince anyone. I’m just throwing out the counterpoint so the devs don’t think they knocked it out of the park with the Ninja Tower. It’s another $$ grab, less disguised than the others.


If this were true then given how difficult the conditions of the challenge already are, you wouldn’t have so many players be able to go through the whole tower without losing a single hero to a curse, or losing a single battle.

How exactly do you believe the algorithm was problematic?


Since we can’t autoplay (because AI is too stupid to get rid the curse), Ninja tower requires about dedicated 1 hour to complete each day for 5 days straight. And it feels like chore, not to mentions all other events happened at the same time, war, pov, titan that need attentions too, so ninja tower feels like burden with the narrow time given (otherwise ur flags get overwritten the next day if u don’t use it today).

The event itself is okay (though the rewards id totally a joke, and almost can be said no free pull unless u finish to last stage and get 1 coin to summon dawa).

My opinions is to prolong the time given from 5 days to 3-4 weeks, so we can do ninja tower about 2-3 stages a day and not feel like a chore but part of daily entertainment.


Jabarj, I couldn’t agree more, and i am one of those who didn’t manage all levels of the tower - yet. I wouldn’t have expected to play all levels - after all, I’ve been playing only for 15 months so far. So I am looking forward to the next time and the time after - knowing that an increasingly deep roster will get me there eventually- as it did with challenge events and trials… meanwhile, i am enjoying the emblems i got so far.


For me, the last 10 levels is where the fun begin.

I assemble 5 team with plan to have them play 2 matchs each. On each team’s first match, I play carefully avoiding curse. For each team’s second match, I don’t care about curse, that is the last time I will use that team anyway.

So I have 5 matches in the last 10 levels where I don’t care about curse. :crazy_face:


I gave up a little early on it probably but my problem is that as a very cheap to play player it feels like I am at a major disadvantage just because I haven’t been lucky enough to pull another 5* healer besides Vivica. I mean I have Red Hood and Telly which would probably be sufficient for later levels with Vivica. I do have a fully emblemed Melendor and Gullinbursti but I haven’t even been lucky enough to pull Melendor’s costume yet. I’ve got the Boldtusk and Rigard costume’s too so I’ll probably try to get them emblemed up for next time along with leveling a couple extra healers to 70. I’d love to level up another healer to 80 but I just haven’t gotten one. Being so limited on healer options and needing extra healing due to the increasing poison damage just seems like I’m hoping to get lucky on not getting Vivica cursed to have any chance at the later levels.

It also makes the upcoming Guardian of Teltoc harder as it takes out my 80 emblemed healer and my mana control from Onatel.


Yes it is disadvantage, but it is actually doable even for F2P.


mogulemon, here is a better idea: if it’s such a chore, don’t play it, but leave the game undiluted for those who enjoy it. You don’t have to participate in everything. On the other hand, PoV, for example, has become too easy and is hardly a challenge any more thanks to all the complaints of it being too hard. Leave the Ninja Tower as it is.


TBH, I’m fully f2p and don’t have a single 5* healer.

I didn’t even use a healer on the last 5 stages at all - instead relying on wukong to finish the fight before it became unsalvageable.

Perhaps that’s why it felt like more of a chore, but it worked.


You dont need a 5* healer. And rigard and melendor are superior to their costume versions in the second half of the tower


If u know addiction, it is too hard to resist. Part of OCD me want to play and complete all, part of another me too burn out.

So my idea to prolong the days for completion i think doesn’t do any harm at all


I Liked the rewards Cpt, might be because I really value emblems… But I get your point, yeah “completion” rewards at different levels would be a nice addition.

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If you’re under a time constraint and can only log once or twice a day for a short period It can be a little overwhelming, yeah.

This was a concern that I saw mainly from people with multiple accounts, the gameplay of the tower took something like 30-40 minutes per day, but it could easily be spread out throughout the day (I did), for those with 2-3 accounts to play that adds up to a lot.

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And even with the added dificulty and not such a big roster you managed to get it done, and have fun doing it, that’s just amazing. The Tower is amazing!

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I agree with the OP.
The tower is far from perfect. Delaying ToL for it was strange.
But I like the change and actually being challenged in a PvE content again.
I can’t stress out enough that the NT was probably not ment to be completed by everyone and that is totally fine.


Maybe they’ll increase it to 100 stages. And the players with the skill to avoid curses can advance further than others with comparable rosters. Then we won’t have the situation where the players completing stage 43 get the same final prizes as some of the players completing level 50. (So they only missed out on 35 emblems and 21 coins.) Strap in.


No way to disagree with that.
The ranking system was bad. It should rank player depending how far up the tower they have come. And the brackets had been choosen poorly.
Copying the ranking from challenge events was lazy and a poor choice especially without being able to replay stages.
Playing smart and not use your strong heroes early on to avoid curses punishes players in the ranking.

Edit: but I hope they will improve it and decided to go with that system instead to not delay the release of the tower into 2021.


Well I feel different for the Ninja Tower. It is a new event people should be more ethuthiastic about but instead most of my alliance was complaining. It is easy to not complain when you have the arsenal to finish it through but then again when a new event comes everyone wants to be a part of it and not wait for 2-4 months to be competitive for it… Event the monthly events have rare epic legendary section making it worthwhile for everyone…i have been playing this game for last 7 months …I play daily… I was excited about the event… I am a free player… Not spent a single dime on it… So I wanted to go as far as much… So I used up as many resources as I could and reached level 42… But now when I look back at the event… I just feel I had no chance to compete in the event just because my arsenal of heroes was pretty low compared to other people… I spent like 50-60 of tornados or maybe more, even similar amount of bombs and dragon attacks and 10-15 time stops… Because I spent a lot and the reward was not sweet at all… I wanted to stay competitive with the event but actually the event was never meant for me… If a guy who has been constantly for 7 months can’t compete in an event then surely the event is only interesting for a few…


Blockquote CJM


Well said. For me it was more fun actually playing the game than I have had in a long time. I would also say that the blessings added to this. I picked mana generation whenever I could and it changed the style of play as you gained floors. Just as the number of items you could bring went down, the fire rate on specials went up. I did try to play through the levels rapidly and having all those specials going off was a kick. I got through 50 levels, was in the 10-25K rank, but definitely could improve my strategy next time and look forward to trying.> Blockquote

I Forgot to mention the Blessings, but yeah, they were super useful. I Went for attack, mana bonus and mana /5turns whenever possible, ended up picking minions twice and health once due to forced options …


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