NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player

High five Bro!

Like lots of you said the worst things was doing all 10 flags in a row like I had to do one night. It took over an hour and the stages are kinda monotonous… overall I enjoyed it but my three suggestions are:
Three curses instead of one. I spent more time making the matches than killing ninjas…
Increase the duration to double with the same flags
Three ninja bosses only in the last 10-15 stages. Just like events. It takes away from the overallachievement but adds to the tedium


I’ve seem this same complaint over and over, makes sense… I didn’t experience that, but I can see it being bothersome…

Instead of 2 you mean…
I hear they tested 3 curses for some time and decided to leave it at 2, not sure why…

This Ninja event is real crap, the even worse rewards give players the option to choose the Tavern or this crap event.


Strongly disagree…
Much more fun to play than Tavern…
60-100 emblems of each class is a much, much, much better reward than 2 free summons you get from legends coins (and I’m not counting the total 100 ninja coins you get after completing the tower).

Is the tower harder? Yes
Is it more time consuming? Yes
Does it require players to concentrate and plan ahead? Yes
Is there room for improvement? Yeap!

I made some suggestions for improvements on Tavern of Legends in an attempt to make the event less lame (it’s current state is resumed to a summoning portal basically), if you wanna tank a look here is the link:

Thanks for your post, a lot of wisdom in it! I managed up to 47000 at the end and I really loved it. I agree it is far the best event that’s added to this game. As far as I understood, it will return every 2 months, is that correct? I’m preparing now in the meantime for the next time this Ninja tower will be opened. I will be better prepared and hope to better result. I really love the challenge.

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Does it have room for improvement? Yes, it does.
Is it awesome in it’s current state and far superior to other events we have? HELLYEAH!

Yeap, November we’ll have Tavern of Legends, December should be the Ninja Tower once again.

That’s the spirit! I’m sure you’ll be able to progress further since you, both have a better understanding of the tower and are more prepared.

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In Two weeks the tower will be back!
They made some changes to the event, most of them seem to be amongst the “most requested” by players.

What do you guys think about the changes? Are you guys eager to climb the tower once again?

  • New Progression reward Chests added to Ninja Tower
  • Fixed an issue where Ninja Tower boss Micas first charge gave -1% mana generation to its allies
    -Fixed a bug where Ninja Tower blessing counter icon and pop up would have different values
  • If a player is defeated while an Oni Stone still has turns left, heroes will not get a permanent Oni Curse
  • Ninja Tower reward tiers show which tier you are currently on
  • Fixed the issue where the game crashed if you were still in a Tower battle when Ninja Tower event ended
  • Fixed Ninja Tower Event leaderboard not showing after Tower Event ended

The rewards part seems to be the one I saw around the most.
The Oni curse one seems more of a bug fix than a change.

All in all I like the event and I’m anxious to play it again!

Best Regards

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We have no details on exactly what the choo (they never tested them in beta), but I’ll go with mildly hopeful.

I enjoyed it the first time, but it was a MASSIVE resource drain and I wasn’t able to finish it (ran out of energy, not buying flasks).

I completed all 50 levels last time. I plan on making it through the first 45 or so this time for sure. Last time I needed some advanced battle items that I can’t actually make but had in stock (e.g. caltrops). I’m not sure how much I’ll invest into beating level 50, but I’ll work my way up to the final few levels regardless of the increased loot.

I still do not know if I play the tower again. For me it just felt not right the first time. I don’t see why I should look again how my teams are killed by the ninja’s while I can do nothing about it because the game gives me only bad boards with nothing to build on. it’s to frustrating.



Have eagerly awaited

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This Ninja Tower, instead of receiving 55 flags (10 daily + 1 flask in mail) like in October, we only receive 50 flags (10 daily).

Fail 1 stage and you have to spend gems to complete the event.

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How is it possible that there are players who have already finished the ninja tower on day 1, while you got only flags(including the 2 flaskes you can buy with diamonds) to finish 20 levels? Can someone explain this to me?

They bought flasks last time and used them this time

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Yep, bought the flasks.

If I had the inclination I could get to level 45 today.

Speaking of players already done, I have checked twice today and am seeing a lot on the leaderboard who are sitting in the level 45-50 range. I suppose it’s possible someone decided to stop at 50 and return later, but more likely they were not able to finish today even after exhausting flasks?

Just wondering what the thoughts are regarding the difficulty vs the last tower in October? Did they bump it up a notch?

I only recall failing one early level last time due to being sloppy and having a board explode that set off all 3 of them when I was unprepared for it.

Thanks for the explaination.

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Terrible event. Made it through all 40 levels now and hate that its still on tomorrow. Its frustrating, exhausting and stressful. And yes I know I dont have to play it but hat does not justify bad design.


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