NINJA TOWER: Musings from a Veteran Player

I mostly agree with the OP, the event was great with enough challenge to keep vet players entertained. It is much healthier for the game to have challenge all the way through to keep things interesting.
I cant help but wonder of those that complain of luck to clear curses are just not prepared to admit that their level of skill for this event was not as good as it could be.
I personally would want two small improvements next time.

  1. make it longer with a 2 day refresh on flags, more flexibility on use.
  2. completion reward. It sucked to finish and get so the same as many who didn’t get close. I suspect more completed than SG imagined. This could be solved by a floor level for completion which is distinctly better thanxl the tiers below.

On My Way
Just leave it to me!

That’s the most recurring suggestion I see…

The suggestion I liked the most was one with “completion rewards every ten floors”

I would love it if it were not for the curse… i took in a fresh Vivica 0/2 and in 1 level I used 3 tornadoes and she was out same lvl… makes it beyond frustrating… now as for the rewards… this will make wars very much different… as now everyone will begin to have 20 heroes at 17+ emblem… honestly if they would just cut out the curse by 50% it would be more enjoyable… I don’t want to spend 3 hours a day for 5 days struggling to match curse…

Every 10 floors would be great

Just made the post. In case you want to participate in the discussion here is the link: TAVERN OF LEGENDS: Improvements on ToL Gameplay from a Veteran PoV

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I think so too… I already loved the event, having it improved would just be a cherry on the top!

I played the Ninja tower also. I have enough good 4* and 5* heroes but maybe not the right ones for this conquest, so for me it ended at level 45. Also it is my personell experience that luck with the tiles playes a prominent role here. Almost every level I was confronted with the fact that often I could not get 3 tiles in a rowe with the oni tiles and when I reached the end bosses the tiles in the colors I played with were somewere hiding. As a consequence from level 30 on I had to play many levels more than once to come trough and lost on average 2 heroes per level. Thereby it costed me the whole stock of items I had build up in advance. Then at level 45 I had no good heroes left to proceed. So, yes I had fun with it till about level 30 and from then on it was frustrating because luck became such a great factor that it killed me. Besides that I find the loot also not rewarding for the efford you have to put into the event. Especcially the fact that you event can’t get enough tokens to get a free draw on the event heroes.

You got pretty far up there, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it next time it comes around. You have better understanding of the mechanics now…

Let’s just hope by the time it comes they’ll have added completion rewards so you have extra incentive to want to finish it.

Wow, that was pretty different from my experience… I didn’t repeat any level (they gave out one flask at the beginning and I got the 2 they offered on day one, that was before I actually caught the gist of it and realized I could finish it without needing flasks unless I wanted to rush it, as a result I got 3 flasks sitting in my inventory), but I’ve seem people report having to replay due to loosing to the bosses on latter stages, good thing having your heroes killed does not prevent you from using them again (like in the tavern).

I value Emblems really high, maybe that’s why I liked it so much (last 20 stages I was getting 5-10 Emblems per level, plus 60 from each class at the end), but I see your point, having other rewards available would attract more players to the event.

I’ve seem, multiple times now, the suggestion to add completion rewards every 10 levels or so, could be a nice addition.

BTW, the completion of the entire tower amounted to 101 ninja coins, a change to 100 every ten levels should be a good one… 5 days, 1 summon per day…

You have to think about using different heroes than you normally would. Rigard and Melendor instead of C Rig and C Melendor. Use all the overhealers and minion makers you can muster. Direct damage dealers instead of DOT givers/

Check out this link, there are a nice collection of strategies you can incorporate for next time:

I had a very similar experience to this. Just had to implement some strategies to help deal with it

I had a similar experience. At around level 34 I hit a road block and lost 3 battles in a row. And a whole bunch of heroes. I thought that was the end of my run, but I gathered myself and shuffled up my strategies and heroes and items and managed to finish the tower with the starting energy + the gift flask. It wasn’t easy but it definitely can be done, as long as you give yourself the best possible chance with the correct preparation and strategies.

You can if you complete the tower. But agree there could be something a bit more. I think 5 summons is overkill., but maybe 3 in total. And some flasks or trainers or something at intervals. Don’t think this should be an evernt that gives AMs, though

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Problem is exactly that. Most people don’t want to have to think and figure how to play around a road block, they simply want to autoplay stuff and get easy rewards.
Ninja Tower was meant to be hard and that’s the best part of it. People are supposed to hit a cap and come back later (or in 2 months) to try again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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At first I thought it would be another event to get angry.

But along the way, I started to understand exactly as explained here.

I was unlucky to start the event using 3* heroes and, cause of that, in the first stages I didn’t score well because it took me to pass the stages.

It remains the experience for the next one;)

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That’s awesome to know!

Where you will, for sure, end better than you did in this one…

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YES! OP, I agree with you a 100%. (from Veteran to VETERAN :smile: )

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High five Bro!

Like lots of you said the worst things was doing all 10 flags in a row like I had to do one night. It took over an hour and the stages are kinda monotonous… overall I enjoyed it but my three suggestions are:
Three curses instead of one. I spent more time making the matches than killing ninjas…
Increase the duration to double with the same flags
Three ninja bosses only in the last 10-15 stages. Just like events. It takes away from the overallachievement but adds to the tedium


I’ve seem this same complaint over and over, makes sense… I didn’t experience that, but I can see it being bothersome…

Instead of 2 you mean…
I hear they tested 3 curses for some time and decided to leave it at 2, not sure why…

This Ninja event is real crap, the even worse rewards give players the option to choose the Tavern or this crap event.


Strongly disagree…
Much more fun to play than Tavern…
60-100 emblems of each class is a much, much, much better reward than 2 free summons you get from legends coins (and I’m not counting the total 100 ninja coins you get after completing the tower).

Is the tower harder? Yes
Is it more time consuming? Yes
Does it require players to concentrate and plan ahead? Yes
Is there room for improvement? Yeap!

I made some suggestions for improvements on Tavern of Legends in an attempt to make the event less lame (it’s current state is resumed to a summoning portal basically), if you wanna tank a look here is the link:

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