Ninja Tower, let's talk curses and early experiences

I have tried the first two stages of the tower so far and I have found some things that I think are worth discussing.

First as a note please try to keep this one hero discussion free as there is a very good thread already active for heroes from tower.

Regarding my experiences so far with Ninja tower I can confirm that heroes who have gone down (0 hp remaining) can still be cursed if the tile that inflicted the curse is not cleared from the board while the hero is still alive. I will probably see if one can apply to heroes already dead when and if I encounter it.

I think the curse system is balanced so far, though I have only completed 2 floors so I can’t speak to the frequency of curse tiles spawning at higher floors. I am curious to hear from others on this and I heavily encourage those who want more succinct information to visit the post from Beta Beat by @zephyr1 if it is still active.

My last blurb so far is that I am wondering about some things such as the 2 curse limit on heroes. I do remember it was originally higher so it seems board manipulation may be a good deal more important than in other events.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts or experiences and good luck to all with the new content.

*Sidenote this post was written very early in the morning so it may be edited some before the end of the day.

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