Ninja Tower is too difficult

Yea, the hiding effect was very deadly. My solution was to bring CSabina with me; and cast her special right before he fired. CSabina’s special can block enemy buffs. But I had to time everything correctly, which was not always easy.

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I think… Next go round… I’ll just suck the mana dry.

Roughian… Onatel… Ludwig… Xnolphod… And probably costume yunan. I feel… That is probably a likely path to victory.

I really hope for next time make it a bit more challenging. This time was like a walk in a park

I was heavily affected by the Xnolphod Nerf… It just threw a wrench into charging my heroes…

It was difficult before but now so many people done it and pushed me out of 50%… it looks like people may pass all stages faster than before :racehorse:

Given how ninjas are designed to be able to penetrate or bypass defense bonuses, what sort of perks do you guys purchase along the way through the tower?

Mana boosters or health boosters or attack boosters?

When ninja tower first came out Impossible was too difficult for me to complete. This most recent one is the first I’ve ever completed. It was a nice in-game accomplishment. But, it took a while of roster building, learning synergy, etc before I was able. I don’t mind the challenge process, it gives me something to work toward. I wouldn’t expect a level 38 player to be able to finish, and I think that’s ok.

I remember old school arcade games like Street Fighter 2, Pac-Man etc… wouldn’t expect every player to have the same skill even when they access to all the same characters. So too here, especially when you consider the hero access difference… not everyone will complete it. If you enjoy the game, that’s ok cuz it gives you something to work toward.

You can only beat Zelda so many times before it gets boring. So new twists need to get added.