Ninja tower harder then before

omg ninja tower got hard? what’s wrong with this game. ist way harder then before.
realy starting to lose all intrest in this. money chasing game
its just not fair


I have completed it already and scored higher than ever. I didn’t see any increase in difficulty.


my opinion too, but it’s possible only lack of luck, never happened to lost three hero in one raid to me like now


I feel like it is getting easier.


If you are playing Ninja Tower “long” ie not using items you are at the mercy of the board. You will lose heroes and sooner rather than later you’ll lose the key ones which then make it harder again.

I hated Ninja Tower when it came out. The core mechanic just absolutely annoyed me to bits.

But the last 3 I’ve just accepted you need items and I prepped for it and so far no issues at all. Lost 2 heroes to the curses but they weren’t key so I just let the curse take them rather than ruin the board and make it harder. Because I’m using items when a curse goes on a key player I just Tornado my way out of it.

The plus point of all of this is my scoring keeps going up too so the rewards are a lot nicer.

But if I was still playing long tbh I’d probably just not bother with NT. the anger levels I was getting during it weren’t worth it.


I don’t use flask to finish it quick. In my experience, it neither becomes harder nor easier compared to the previous Ninja Tower events. As @Cheds correctly put it, not using battle items will place you at the mercy of the boards, as well as losing certain heroes while on the way up making the rise to the top getting more and more difficult due to the absence of certain key heroes.

Unfortunately it’s an event for the older players with fully established bases and nothing else to really spend the resources on. When it started I wasn’t quite there yet so found the items I needed for this and the monthly events to badly clash. I just couldn’t make the items again after hammering the event before.

But the sheer frustration of the first couple of Ninja tower made me get my ship in order.

So I have sympathy for newer players but in truth there’s always been levels a newer player can’t achieve. Took me a while to be able to complete the final legendary stage. It’s one of the clever hooks they built in, we want to complete things and cash monies is the fast track to that a lot of the time.


I have always find funny idea, that all should be able to finish Ninja tower and all events. What’s point building teams, if that would be case?

I find this ninja tower same as all before. But if you feel tired and fustrated with game, it probably effects your game play too.

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Only through level thirty so far, but I’m scoring higher so I’d say it’s getting easier.

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As an admitted hater of ninja tower I haven’t found it harder or easier ( or better ) than last time.
Just the same annoying grind for emblems .


Oh no bro, it is on the same sucking hard level as usual. :upside_down_face:

In the “ninja tower haters” camp here, but I’m doing better than previous iterations (haven’t lost a battle yet, as of level 35, and have only lost one 5* hero to curses). If it continues this way, I might even finish this time around. If I can motivate myself for 6-10 minutes of play per level. The slog is strong in this event.

Totally on the other side here, as ninja tower is probably what i like the most.
It is more easy for me this time around, but not because mobs are weaker, but rather because i have even more heroes then before and i know what i can lose.

I do not push my way with items and do not bring tornadoes, but i build a solid deck of epic heroes with 2-3 healers and defence reducers per color (even duples).
As such, i do not care about oni curses, in fact i have 12 heroes cursed and other 15 one-cursed (currently lv 40, no retries)
All my best heroes are still cleaned and unused.

I usually bring turtle banners, medium healing potion, small mana and timestops as safe net if things go down the hill.

This allow me to play the board most of the time the way i like it, and that’s the real difference i guess.

Constantly be careful of oni curses is what probably people hate the most, so build a huge deck (even just epics) allow you to enjoy the strategy rather then constantly try to preserve your key heroes.

Also, you may improve your score because you take much less time to complete. (i am usually top 5000 with little to no items usage)


I feel it’s about the same, maybe even easier because I have more healers (4x Gullinbursti ftw) and got lucky with catching some S4 5*. Notably Phileas Fogg with other green sniper is a murder on Cobalt.

That being said it heavily depends on RNG so if you get shorter straw it can feel harder. Also, at one stage I get multiple curses I cannot remove in time even with tornadoes every damn tower. If RNG really hates you there’s nothing you can do.

Probably not harder, just as boring and tedious as before in my opinion. I just dislike it and don’t really play it…


i am a lv 72, been plating close to 3y. and put over 1000 euro in the game. now i get stuck on lv 26 of the ninja tower.? i never use to much items on this, but next time i got to lv 48.

i lots 3 x 5* hero and 12 are 1/2 curse. normal at this level i just need to start using 5*. there is now way at this rate its going to and well. been playing so longh

I’ve taken Mini mana, Tornadoes, bomb attacks and Dragon attacks to each one and used them if I got stuck. I’ve breezed through it this time, my score if 40K up on last time.

Sorry you’ve had a rough one. RNG can be horrid at times.

As our roster grow, NT will become easier. I have 11 teams ready so I can play 11 levels where I don’t need to worry about curse because it is the last usage of the team.

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80 plus 5 stars 50 maxed out i had no problem going though all levels in the ninja tower save my x mas crew for the last two and cleared it with eeeezzzzzzzzz

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