Ninja Tower Event - Oni Curses

You don’t need expensive battle items, i crafted a few mana potions and passed level 50 with only a 3500 team.
As you progress it gives you powerful battle items like time stops and tornados.

Good for you but I’m talking of F2P , not P2W.
Btw items are not the problem. Like many F2P I have no more heroes, healers and else, cause I got Oni tiles all the time.
This event is for P2W players with very deep rosters, I think everyone realized that a this point.


It seems that just about everything has been said. I just wanted to add my voice here. It’s been utterly frustrating and I’m not going to finish this one or take it up a next time. In spite of being a completionist in nature. The only decent rewards are for the top 5% players on EP anyway, so why waste anymore of my items. And for those who believe this can be strategized away: no it can not. You’ve just been lucky.

In conclusion: yet another big miss by SG. They had a great game, but they’re losing grip.


I have to agree with you ,the event is way to hard and is not worth it. Curses ,then everything is reduced ex:battle items plus the ninja heroes are very strong, to much of a struggle to complete it and the rewards are crap.


I am really liking this event. On level 40 now and it’s been very difficult the last 3-4 stages. I’ve lost 4 heroes and another 15 or so have curses.

For me, this is so much more interesting than the challenge events. Those are easy to pass and boring. Would you people honestly rather play the same levels over and over with the same heroes, resetting until you get the perfect board then use the same strategy over and over? That’s seems to be what people do to compete in the challenge events. No thanks. This event is so much better. It’s hard but that is good.

Up until about board 36, I was using items sparingly, maybe 1 tornado, some mana pots and bombs/dragons as needed. Last few boards I’ve needed to use close to all 12 available items to pass and avoid curses.

Heroes I’ve found very useful:
Rafaelle (using at 3.70)
Mother North
Rigard c

I’ve find myself bringing 2 healers of different colors (preferably 1 heal over time, 1 instant heal) and Proteus for every board.


I just stopped. It’s boring. Too many levels and the curses are forcing even more random outcomes or bring on the items. No thanks. Just don’t care that much given the typical prize is just 2 emblems of each kind.

Epic fail on the product owner of this. The negative of the game is how much the RNG affects gameplay already…adding RNG curses just frustrates the situation more and I don’t want to spend items to correct it. Not worth the rewards or my time. 50 levels? Way too many. 2 flags per level and 25 and it may have kept me interested long enough


I love the difficulty! I don’t use items except for cheap potions and stuff i don’t use anyway. Lost 21 Heroes so far until stage 42 and will see how far i’ll get with my rest.

13 5* left and ~40 4*, some with emblems.

Please please SG - do not nerf the difficulty again cause of mimimi.


I’ve stopped playing the event due to annoyance, but not because of losing players to curses. As I progressed, I realized I didn’t even notice which heroes I was fighting against. It became about the stones. I clear a stone, then think ‘ok, what do I need to do to take out these ninjas…oh F%&K, there’s another stone’. It became less & less the ninja tower and more & more the ori stone tower. The stones take away from where the focus should be. Between that and at 50 levels it is a total grind, I’m done. It’s not worth the aggravation.
I voted for 4 stones, but really think it can stay at 2, but have fewer of the feckers show up.


They made me lose motivation without even attempting the thing. I can find no good information about it so it’s a pass for me and another fail from SG.

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Wu Kong was an absolute boss for this event…mine was eliminated as well as most my elemental defense droppers. Will be tough from here on out. On level 45.

This has been the case for me as well. Making the event challenging is okay, but literally requiring tornadoes or other board shuffling or altering items (none of which are easy to come by in the number you need for this event) to avoid curses is kind of lame.

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That is true, long term players have much higher level heroes. The young one - run out of heroes. Good for the oldies, young ones try harder again.

I dont know about anyone else… But my RNG is absolutely garbage… I’ve got a pretty deep bench but that doesn’t matter. I’ve got 27 heros dead at level 42 because I can’t get tiles to clear curses… meanwhile I know others whove completed the tower and only lost 3 heros.


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