Ninja Tower Event - Oni Curses

How many Oni Curses should knock a hero out?
  • It’s fine the way it is.
  • Change to 3 curses.
  • Change to 4 curses.

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I am curious what other players think about the oni curses.

From a gameplay point of view, I appreciate the challenge. But at a certain point as you progress, these become so annoying that I lost my motivation to keep playing Ninja Tower.


IMO Ninja tower events designed for people with deep bench, so all the investment they made to have so many heroes finally worth it.

2x Oni curses will eliminate all regular players. If u want to be competitive, u need to do more summons and collect more heroes. This events of course will raise SG profits even more.

As a business, SG design this game as their source of income super smart. They are trully profitable business company. Zynga had a lucky move acquiring this money tree company :+1::+1::+1:


Cannot disagree about that statement.

However, SGG has a lot to do fix game balance issues where players can actually build and enjoy a deep bench.

~ too many S1 five star heroes thrown at us, but the ascension materials requirements for S1 five stars are the same as more rare heroes. Resulting in crowded rosters of unusable five stars.

~ the game is crowded with too many five stars that you can’t use, but way too few four stars in comparison that we could use for deeper benches.
~ count and compare how many four VS five star heroes are in the game. It’s getting worse every month how unbalanced this is getting.

Note- I am not FTP… so I want SGG to motivate me to spend money :thinking:


Hard to get 5* and hard to get asc mats is one of the SG strategy to make this game for a long term, meanwhile they keep make you addicted to the gameplay and shiny new heroes and make u keep spending and spending.

The harder the asc mats to get, the higher price they can offer and make money from you and you will think asc mats in store once in a while is really worth to buy.

It is the supply and demand law. The rarest it is, the costly it will be. And the deeper pocket people are willing to buy

It doesn’t matter if the game is a slow pace as long as it is addicting. So SG will milking from you for a long term, bit by bit.

Note: how i wish i could get SG / zynga shares from this game :joy:

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There sjoud be no curses at all, the event is Hard as it is, i have a ■■■■ ton off 5* heros but om stuck at lvl 24. So no curses at all. The only premium the player that spend money on the game on this kind of events and dont give a ■■■■ about everyone else.


The worst part is, your dead hero still will be cursed. This is riddiculous.


Hey there,

If we’re going to have curses I’m happy with the current limit of 2.

This is quite an important consideration in this event, and a good incentive to increase roster depth.

The curses do add an element of jeopardy to board gameplay, although progression in strength does this anyway it’s nice to include something else to think about that’s different.

I understand the frustration when you just can’t get a shield match to clear a curse but that’s why we should play the odds when moving our shields.

All the best.

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I agree with the need of hard challenges, but not discouraging ones. I´m amazed how people already have finished the course, while many others are complaining about it. I see no enthusiasm for the event in my guild. If veteran players at high platinum or diamond doesn´t like the event that´s a problem.

I´m ok with the curse, but I think that can conditionate your roster a lot.

There should be an item to remove curses or give 3 or 4 hits.


2 curses is fine. Apparently some want easy mode, and then complain about it being boring and too easy ( like ToL ). Right now at least it’s a challenge and not too easy to complete.

It’s just a bit silly how players react. Either it’s too easy, or too hard. Maybe accept that your roster is not deep enough to compete? Or that you need to work on your board manipulation skills? Be a man and try your best and stop complaining.

I do hate Oni curses popping up in like the bottom right or left though, almost always forced to use a tornado when that happens.


I agree and would add there’s a simple fix - there’s never reward drops for silk gloves. Look at your inventory and I’ll bet your traffic jam is full of 5 star (and 4 star) heroes waiting for silk gloves - I never see them. Empires and Puzzles is one of the best games out there, but it is not perfect and the attempts to make the game fair and accessible for all are poor by the designers.

These gloves?

I don’t have a suggestion for improvement, but I will say I REALLY don’t enjoy the ninja tower AT ALL.

Problem 1. It’s gets too hard too fast. I’m only in the low 20s and I’ve already lost several times. I have 40 maxed 5*s so that’s not the problem.

Problem 2. Those damn curses!

Sub Problem 1. They come too often. I spend too much time trying to get rid of them than trying to defeat the enemy.

Sub Problem 2. They seem to disproportionately appear in the corners, and usually when there are no matches below them and no same color tiles near them. This makes it almost impossible to avert them.

Sub Problem 3. If you’re not running Rainbow, they seem to disproportionately appear in an “off” color forcing you to waste turns on the rare occasion that you’re able to get rid of them.

Problem 3. The Ninjas are OP (relates to Problem 1). They have such high HP that you can’t kill them before at least one gets the “level 3” attack powered and it practically wipes out the entire team.

For those who are about to say “you don’t have to play it”, you’re right. I can not play it and watch those with deeper pockets (and benches) willing to buy the energy refills and endure mind-numbing game play that is Ninja Tower do so and collect more emblems and get even further ahead of me.

Besides, I don’t believe that SG wants me (and who knows how many others) to “not play”. They want everyone to play and enjoy all aspects of the game.

They really need to fix this. As it is I dread the thought of using all energy. I probably will just to get as many emblems as I can, but I sure as hell won’t spend any money on tower energy refills.


It’s not about how many, they are way too frequent and annoy.
Should just ignore em make your diamond moves instead.
Event is designed to knock your heroes but if your rooster is rich you don’t have to worry about em.
Now also if your tornado/hurricane pack is full cos it’s the only save when it spawns in the corner!

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2 seems too quick, especially at the higher levels when you’re getting an oni curse basically every move.

I say 3.

2 or even 1 is fine, but floor should reduced to 25 or 30.
50 floor is too much… I’m afraid of heights :cityscape: :scream_cat:


Agree the ninjas a OP.

Curses wouldn’t be as bothersome if there was some item to “cure the curse” instead of getting a match in 3 moves. Whether this item would be included along side our normal 4 battle items or be another battle item you could put in 1 of the 4 slots. The item could only be used in place of finding a match, if a 3 turns pass the hero still gets 1/2 curses.


Completely agree. I’m not going to bust my ■■■ for 2x emblems for all classes (because I know that’s exactly where my score is putting me).
I’ve already given up playing the tower after 2 days, and have ZERO desire to continue. The ninja heroes are massively overpowered and the chance of summoning one is insulting. The ninja coins needed for a summons is fair, but getting only one coin per level??? I won’t have enough for a coin summons unless I purchase a package (if I get a summon, it’ll be Dawa). So yeah, not biting on this one. It’s just another reward for whales.


I hate the Ninja tower. The exploding tiles distract your attention away from the game. The concept sucks.


I think it should just work differently.
Either increase the timer to 4 or 5
If the tile is blue it can only curse blue heroes, if you don’t have blue heroes and you don’t clear it, there is still some negative effect like 200 damage to all or 20% mana removed or something.

2 curses and you lose the hero is fine for me.

These are the only two teams I have used and finished floor 30 with zero curses and am ranked around 45k. Using about 2-2.5 items per floor on average. I guess everyone who is having so many 5* cursed are getting really bad boards or something.
This has been the most fun this game has been in I do not know how long. I may have spent about $50 in 2.5 years and this is fun, frustrating and challenging. Hopefully they change the rewards next go around. Since there is no replay a % based system makes more sense to me, as well as providing more tiers. Also a completion reward would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t have a problem with the number of curses — it’s the velocity…

You clear one, and another immediately pops up — sometimes with no way to clear it

Should have a breather between resolving one and starting another


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