Ninja Tower Event -- Increase Event Duration (Decrease flags per day)

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To my opinion the Ninja Tower event is too time intensive. You have to play (at least…) ten battles per day on five consecutive days. And this is on top of all the other game activities since it does not consume WE.

I suggest to spread it over a longer duration. Instead of getting 10 tickets per day over 5 days, for example, get 2 tickets per day over 25 days. In case there is an issue with having the Ninja Portal open all this time then open it, for example, only over the last five days of the event.

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The Ninja Tower event, imo, would need to do something else that would rightfully justify why it needs to be open the entire month, with this extremely short time frame to play two stages, wait until the next day, repeat until the 25th day, assuming the player is at Stages 49 and 50 (and not 23 and 24).

Additionally, the reward for having the best scores for lukewarm loot unless you’re within the top 3 rank tiers. Will still be working up only 1 coin every stage, but still need another 50 coins before you can make use of the Ninja Summons. The emblems aren’t too bad; it’s another good chunk similarly to Trials. But there’s nothing that motivates me personally to keep going, even if it’s only to waste time in something while waiting for Costume Chamber or Season 3 new provinces.

I will comment that it’s nice to hear someone’s enjoying themselves in the event.

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For what it’s worth this request was made many times in Beta Testing (think I was the first to do so)… But despite our (Beta testers) frequent warnings & feedback that the NT Event was long and arduous to have to do so many battles in a single day, nothing was changed.

My personal feedback right and early on in the Beta Testing, was to increase the event to 10 day duration & decrease flags to 5 flags per day.

But… nothing changed obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


That would have been perfect. Nice try man.


I personally have zero intention of continuing doing it.
What motivation do I have when a hero who is already dead gets a curse added to them that was active before they died but hadn’t reached zero?
That is just ludicrous to be honest.
Also the chances of getting anything decent out of it out for low level players is absolutely nothing, all for what wasting resources left right and Center.
The sheer number of 5* heroes needed to get anywhere near to completing it, automatically cancels half probably more of the player group. It simply isn’t possible for a low level player to get anywhere near the top lvl 50.
I’ve had several people in my alliance who wasted tons of tornadoes for basically nothing.
The curses should not be applied to a hero for several turns if you have just removed one…it’s hard enough to remove them 99% of the time anyway.

I just think that this is an ill thought out event which constricts too many players…
It bad enough trying to keep up with the amount of stuff in the game…
Fix what needs fixing first and then add more stuff.
Had a player totally quit the game because of the nerf recently, spent months working a hero only to get nerfed…

@Guvnor such a politician, always making sure to take credit :stuck_out_tongue:

I do think this could be a really good improvement though. Maybe make it one week long (7 days) with 8 flags a day?

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Trials gets you 88 per 7 days. Not including the reward tier the ninja event will get you around 200 over 5 days if you can complete it.

I agree! This is so long and take so much time. Not very enjoyable…

A more reasonable comparison is to see how many they would provide over a two month period to match the ninja tower frequency. Otherwise, I could counter that you can earn about the same in one day for both trials and NT.

In two months trails will give you ~764 emblems on average, and using 200 from completion (I haven’t counted) you would get slightly less from NT if you ranked 1001 or lower, very slightly more than trials for ranks 501-1000, and an increase of 100 more for each of 101-500, 11-100, 2-10, and 1 maxing somewhat over 400 more. It’s fair to say that the vast majority of players will earn more emblems from trials than NT.

Ok fine if you want to put it another way - completing the NT will give you roughly the equivalent of 3 weeks’ worth of trials (assuming non-placement in any of the tiers). People can decide if that is worth it to them or not, keeping in mind that it is over 5 days of effort, using a bonus energy that won’t impact any of their other activities.

Personally I am currently valuing emblems higher than 4* ascension materials thanks to a large number of heroes who I can improve for my war teams, and a 3-month poor summoning track record resulting in no heroes waiting to be levelled up.

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I Strongly disagree.

Make it more like events with rare, epic and legendary.

That way a broader spectrum of players (from new to veterans) can enjoy completion of what they can achieve and get loot for scoring well within their categories.

And don’t make it 50 levels… it’s not a challenge it’s a grind.

Also… release a better balance of heroes. (Where the 3* ninjas at? And the ratio of five star vs four stars is unbalanced.)


Ninja tower has a bunch of neat features. It’s fun and challenging in many aspects, but it is a total grind. Better set aside an extra 60 minutes to 90 minutes a day if you want to try and beat it.

I’d prefer if it used WE instead of tower energy. Then after you play you don’t have to play more S3 levels or whatever you normally do. Also that would require it to be two weeks or more. That way it doesn’t feel like a chore you HAVE to do in the evening after you finish all your chores. Then you can get to it when you have time like the seasonal events or challenge events.

Maybe if so many people stop playing it then those of us who are F2P and grind It out for everything and also who aren’t playing with a 20 maxed out 5* roster can actually get more than 2 emblems per class. Wow. That sucks.

Heartily disagree! Too much to do already, with Path of Valor, trials, etc.


I thought the tower is way too darn stressful. Most of my teammates gave up half way thru. They made the bosses too tough to beat after 28 floors and its way too much time consuming to finish. I hope they adjust the rewards tiers to motivate and attract players!

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I would shorten the tower. Make it 5 flags a day and 25 flags in total ans it’s doable.

And I’d make the fags overflow to the next day so all is not lost if you also have a real life.


Sugiero que la energía de la torre sea reducida por ejemplo a 5 y la duración del torneo de aumentarla a 10 días…de este modo el desafío sería más divertido…mil gracias

I suggest that the energy of the tower be reduced for example to 5 and the duration of the tournament to increase it to 10 days … in this way the challenge would be more fun … thank you very much

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Eso mismo se sugirió en la beta por algunos.

Pero al parecer no cuadraba con los planes del calendario que tiene SG.

A mi parecer es un “trabajo o tarea” más que un cosa más del juego.

Y de hecho paso de ella, si hago algún nivel es por pillar experiencia y materiales. Ah, y siempre en automático jajajajaja.

The same was suggested in the beta by some.

But apparently it did not fit with the calendar plans that SG has.

In my opinion it is a “job or task” rather than one more thing in the game.

And in fact I pass from it, if I do a level it is to get experience and materials. Oh, and always on automatic hahahahaha.

Ops I thought I was in foreign language forum section.

Thanks @Guvnor

It was, I just tidied it up to a master thread.

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…No… I don’t even like the ninja tower, and I certainly don’t want to have it looming for 25 days.

If you got more than 2 energy per day so you don’t have to do it every time every day to finish, then I wouldn’t mind so much. 5 energy per day, allowing you to finish in 10 days even though you have 25, and I’d like the idea more. But there’s no way I want a hardcore attitude spreading this far out over the calendar. Even 2 days of this has been too much for me. I still haven’t even tried finishing

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