Ninja Tower Disconnects -- [Doesn't seem to be anything wide-spread -- Contact Support if you want further investigation]

Hi, I think I have a bug with my Ninja Tower :frowning: Every time I go to play level 11, it tries to load but then I lose the connection. My game reconnects after a few seconds and I try again but I just can’t connect to level 11.

I am playing on an Android tablet. I have updated E&P, cleared my cache, force stopped and also cleared my tablet’s cache. Can anybody help please?

Between playing ninja tower levels I was doing some auto-farming and the game crashed. When I restarted, the last 7 messages in alliance chat showed as new even though they had previously been read and a hero I used in my last ninja tower level was cursed even though i had cleared all the curses from it during my last run. When I clicked on support to submit a ticket about the cursed hero, all I got was a bunch of help topics and no way to actually submit a support ticket. And while in the support menu, I noticed that according to E&P I am not signed into Game Center but according to the settings on my iPad I am signed in. Long story short: Things seem to be very messed up.

The issue with the game crashing and alliance chat messages appearing as new when previously read has been happening a lot lately, but didn’t really cause me any problems so I didn’t try to report it. But now I’m wondering if all this stuff is interconnected and there is some bigger issue.

I ca not post long time anything here on forum,no idea why! I can only reply…

So far I got kicked out in the ninja tower 3 times & it has happened when I reach a level w/ a 5… lvl 15. lvl 25. & now lvl 35. It bugs me because the game freezes 1st & then goes to my home screen… Also I’m close to completing the stage & when I’m on the last ninja that’s when it glitches… Really sucks…

Crashes from the Ninja Tower don’t seem to be widespread / specific to any level. If you wish for further investigation you will have to #contact-support as the forum is predominately player based.

Click the hash-tag for instructions on how to do so :slight_smile:

@Guvnor Perhpas my post wasn’t very clear because I was frustrated, but I did not crash or disconnect from the ninja tower. I crashed doing something else and then when I went back to the ninja tower a hero was cursed that shouldn’t have been. I realize that you can’t solve this problem and I should submit a support ticket, but that is another part of my problem: I can’t submit a support ticket because the option appears to be missing or maybe I’m missing something obvious. When I click on options this is what I see:

Then when I click on support, all I get is a way to search FAQs but no way to submit a ticket:

I have submitted a ticket in the past and I remember it being straight forward and easy, but now I don’t even seem to have the option. Am I missing something?


If you check the hash-tag ( #contact-support ) there are updated instructions on how to create the support ticket.

They have introduced a new support software called “Helpshift” which has a different method of creating the support ticket.

At the bottom of this page there’s the question “Was this helpful”?

If you press “No” it will take you to a chat page to commence lodging you ticket.

@Guvnor maybe there needs to be a new Support pinned thread that describes ways to contact support and report bugs? If you hit Report Bug, you just get redirected here. At the moment you click your link, then Petri’s link etc

The #contact-support article has been updated already.

I have tried contacting support before but I can never get it to load. I suspect the problem may be my snail speed internet :rofl:

I hope everybody can get their problems fixed though. Now Ninja Tower is over, I am looking forwards to playing my favourite events, Costume Chamber :smiley_cat:

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