Ninja Tower difficulty - super mega ultra hardcore?

I said easier. I used damage amplifier, DD, att up, health boost AND Hippo. Would not have worked without any of these the way it worked.
It’s completely different from Xnol charging your heroes infinitely

Found this iteration rather easy, didn’t even use my best heroes. Not really competitive, just played to complete. And my Hippo is still 1/1, so didn’t use it at all :slight_smile:

It is certainly possible to beat the Tower without the Hippo, but all the other elements you listed are bits that many people have in some form (though some, like damage amplifier, are harder to get than others) – but Hippo is unique.

Without Hippo, it’s pretty arguably not “item lite, didn’t get a single curse, stress free” (as reportedly above). If Hippo flips a switch from “I have to work to complete the event” to “free emblems hahahahaha,” then, yeah, it seems problematic.

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Dunno about Hippo. My F2P main has Hippo but it was surely not walk in the park with him. I’d say he makes things easier if you already have access to a bunch of powerful heroes which are good in the Tower - such as Khufu for example. Let’s nerf Khufu, ok? He seems way more imbalanced since he also boosts Challenge event scores to those who have him easily.

I ultimately decided to forego the rest of the event. Don’t want to waste high level battle items. Also just to be clear I was able to finish the last NT impossible level when Amethyst and Serandite were featured.

For some reason I really struggled this round and eventually I got discouraged to continue. I also ended up not using my top 30 heroes. Maybe I’m also just too lazy to really give it a go. :expressionless:

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My beef with these tower events isn’t that you need one specific hero to finish, it’s that you need one specific hero to finish in a timeframe that is not absurd. I got to about impossible 8 or so and every level, while finishable, is taking like 10 minutes to get done. I’ve got $**t to do, man. Who can spend 3 hours finishing this thing?

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Anyone who would want an additional +100-200 free emblems? 10 minutes is way too much, no matter how you look at it. But can’t agree on the “super hero requirement” in the Tower. For example my F2P secondary main has Hippo, who is overglorified as one of the best heroes for Towers since he boosts scores tremendously. My main doesn’t have Hippo and climbed floors 8-25 Impossible with this team: Isarnia - Khagan - ccDomitia - Grace - Gullinbursti. As you can see, no actual “great” hero amongst these. And yet the score of this account was 1 870 mil while the Hippo F2P one got only 1 750 mil. This gave a difference by quite a lot, and no-Hippo account got within top 5k, thus ensuring extra 500 emblems after completing the Tower. Other had to settle for only 300 emblems. So, I could see your argument that certain OP hero combination is required to get you inside top, say, 100, but there is absolutely no such requirement if you want to land in top 5000, which is still a big enough emblem boost for anyone IMO. Not even mentioning here the huge xp boost one receives by completing the Tower. But if you pay for WE flasks or emblems that may not be attractive to you. To each their own.

Also, if you are indeed wasting 10+ minutes time on each floor, you are: A)Either not creating powerful enough teams with what you have, B) Going cheap on the items or C) Are simply a fresh new player who just now started climbing the Towers. Keep in mind one thing: Tornadoes can be farmed. Mana potions can be farmed. Food and iron can be farmed. What can’t be farmed as easily are emblems. If you want to conserve Tornadoes and Hurricanes and go with cheap items, then of course you will have way too much trouble and will have to waste a lot more time. It’s literally your call in the end what you find more valuable. I for one will always exchange some Tornadoes for more emblems.

Been playing for almost 6 years, brother. Almost 100 5 star heros. Still don’t have anywhere near the patience for this thing.

Have to agree, the 4th level was definitively too hard. So I stop the challange.

Cheers Reder

My experience was that bringing, hm, two tornadoes to each level didn’t materially speed up levels, just somewhat slowed the rate at which my roster bled out to oni curses (as often as not, shuffling an unworkable oni tile from one corner, bereft of neighbors, to the other corner, also bereft of neighbors).

Tornadoes did not prevent 10-15 minute fights for my roster, and yeah, “waste” feels like the relevant term. Arguing that “emblems are valuable” has to be balanced against “spending 2, 2.5 hours a day doing a tedious, frankly not very fun grind atop any other time logged in” even for F2P.

For anyone willing to spend money on the game, the offers thread here thinks that 100 emblems are worth maybe USD2.50.

So for a F2P roster, which likely struggles more than non-F2P here, the question is whether all the extra grind time is worth it at all, and for a player who is willing to pay at all, it might be worth asking whether, say, USD5 is worth more than as much as five hours of miserable grinding.

Maybe for a roster with plenty of “280% damage to all at Fast” heroes together with, say, rapid-fire large buffs and/or GHippo, it’s a different calculation.


I bring Tornadoes and Mana Potions every floor, along with Titanium Shields and Miracle Scroll. the last 10-15 floors still take me around 10+ minutes… unless you mean “waste” by, spend 10+ minutes and still not beat the floor…?
agree with the main point though, I’d happily use tornadoes and potions to get some emblems.

That is showing one more time, if is was needed that Guardian Hippo, is away too much powerful.

Considering my post above, that statement is silly. I just showed that a non-Hippo, almost exclusively S1 team got a much higher result than a Hippo team whose other heroes were subpar but still good, thus disproving the power of the Hippo in the Tower if Hippo stands pretty much alone. Moreover, Hippo (unlike Xnolphod) didn’t allow me to press Auto on the Tower - on the contrary, it requires a lot of thinking to play with optimally.

There is a big difference in our strategy though. You rely heavily on counterattack and outliving the bosses by allowing them to kill themselves. This, however, takes much more time compared to offensive type strategies. And for those you don’t actually need some OP unreachable heroes. Heroes like Khagan, Isarnia, even ccCaedmon are powerful enough, combined with an overhealer of some sort for safe measure (of course best is Gulli) but you can do it without overheal if you go for killing the opponents faster than they can fire back. All of the hit-3 heroes are excellent (that means hit-3-equally ofc), if you have a solid AoE - also good. Best of course keep to rainbow because of the penalty, but you can safely go for 2-2-1 if need be. Another star for the Tower Impossible which I sadly don’t have is Carol, she would drastically improve my scores if I had her.

I have to disagree here. My main went with three slow heroes who nonetheless charged fast enough due to blessings - Gulli, Isa and Khagan. You can safely go at Impossible floors 8-25 with a team of Isa-Khagan-Onatel-Khagan-ccCaedmon if you picked the +100 or +200 hp on casting a special skill (should be already at least at +100 on floor 8). That team, Tornadoes, small and medium mana potions and Hurricanes should breeze through levels. Of course it’s better to replace second Khagan with any good purple-hit-3 or purple AOE but these are sadly rare and definitely not S1.

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Nope. Just those who reach up to that level. Those who skip, don’t find it hard at all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Any team of mine going into an Impossible stage without a healer, “hp on special skill” or no, almost certainly has at least one dead hero before reaching the boss wave, and certainly does not survive boss hits.

In particular my Isarnia is fragile (1) because I have zero costumes for her and (2) I haven’t emblemed/LBd her because I do that for my heroes I use all the time, and I can’t just fully max every hero I have and (3) because she’s fragile, I used her in waves where she might not spend all her time dying and so of course she was cursed out of existence significantly before Impossible.

I was using Khagan, but he was hardly a machine gun. He was enough to help me to dink and dunk my way through, eventually, but with durations of everything nerfed and DD nerfed, I had 10-15 minute fights. Constantly. That’s…. not fun. It’s grueling. And the un-prizes are not proportionally worth it when the fights are that long and tedious.

20 characters of imao lol!

No emblems, no LB 1 - those aren’t heroes, those are sitting ducks. That can explain a lot why you have troubles in the Tower. You simply chose to neglect your PvE heroes.

I think they’re catering to 2 different levels of players (Those +5100 and the rest of us).

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You’re showing your point of view if you assume that every player automatically fully emblems and fully LB1 (and soon, fully LB2) every single 5* hero one has. That’s nice, but a great many of us can’t.

Our experiences do not match yours for that reason, and is no small part of why a lot of people have commented on this event that their fights do take 10-15 minutes, and frankly are not worth it at that length.

It’s not because we are “bad” or “lazy” players, it’s because we don’t have as many resources, and we have to make choices about those resources — specialist heroes that we don’t use all the time will lag in development compared to the heroes which we do use all the time.

My Isarnia will most likely get more emblems if I ever get at least one costume for her; otherwise, I will often get more general utility out of other heroes that don’t need as much propping up in the first place.


My reasoning was: With S1 heroes you can do just fine, you don’t need OP heroes like Khufu or Gazelle to get a good Tower result within the top 5000, but for that you will have to divert some resources to specific heroes which are usually PvE or Rush material (Isarnia, Khagan). Whether you choose to do that or not is your call. But ultimately investing in said heroes is the difference between doing an Impossible floor within 4 minutes or struggling with it for more than 10.

Edit: I also have no costume for Isarnia, and for 1x Khagan’s I gave away 10 dupe 5* from the first SE.