Ninja tower costume characters

Do you guys think costumed hero should count for 4 lives? Essentially costumed heros are 2 different heros. If a costumed hero gets cursed, do you think his non costume should be able to get 2 more lives for the event since the hero is essentially a different hero? What are your thoughts on that for the next event.

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Since they only take up one of your roster space, I do not think so.

Also costume is so much easier and cheaper to ascend ; you would basically get a second 5 star hero value for 3 star ascension materials and uncomparably less food.

It’s fair the way it is.


Do you think i can get double salary if i change my dress?


Does that dress bring a completely different skill? If it does, absolutely you should. That dress would change your resume wouldn’t it? If your new dress doesn’t change your resume, then no, you shouldn’t get a raise.

Just cuz they are easier to ascend doesn’t mean people have not spent the same amount of gems trying to acquire the costume version of that hero. I still have the same garbage odds of what 1 to 1.5 percent odds obtaining that costume right?

When Superman donned his costume and was killed by Doomsday, did Clark Kent still continue working on the Daily Planet?

When you are in your pajamas going to sleep on Sunday evening and wear your office or school uniform on Monday morning, does that change your resume or make you a totally different person? If you die in your sleep, will the uniformed you be able to go to work or school the next day?

The costume is just an attempt made by SG for S1 heroes to be at par or somewhat competitive with the new heroes. That’s all.

Well, if you going off movies… In the matrix, when you died, you were woke up to a completely different world and you could neo became a version of himself that was 100x better right?

The only time I remember Neo dying in that trilogy was on the end part where he sacrificed himself for the war to be ending in a truce. He was never seen after that.

It’s been a while but didn’t he essentially die in the first one to get himself out of the matrix and go into that “real world”

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Nope. He woke up due to the pill he had taken, enabling the real worlders to track him down and retrieve him.

Uhmm, when you pull for costume and get lucky you get both the hero and the costume… so being lucky once, you would like to have twice the value? I don’t think so. It’s the same odds to pull basic hero + costume as for getting any hero from other portal. Once again, it is fair as it is.

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