Ninja tower Battle items allowed

I noticed when I’m picking my battle items for the ninja tower, that the “minor potions” allowed are wrong. I know the higher up you go the amount allowed is reduced. It’s letting me bring 17 minor healing potions, but only 7 minor mana potions and 7 minor antidotes. I believe it started at level 37 or so.

The max minor mana and antidotes is 10. Max minor healing is 20.

Looks entirely consistent to me.


It is one of the ninja curses that reduces your item stacks as your progress, not a bug, part of the mechanics of the tower.

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It’s 3 less than normal. So I should be able to bring 17, not 7. :woman_shrugging:

I guess I didn’t know that. Same with antidotes then, I’m assuming

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See how much you can stack on a world map, you can’t bring 20 of those items, just.minor health stacks that high

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