Ninja tower and proteus

I’m a bit confused. I had the bosses blocked with Proteus. None of them were even at 1 charge and they still went off. What am I missing?

A plague to wipe out all ninjas for good… :innocent:

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If they fired their specials before they had charged even the first charge, it sounds like a bug. I would like to see it to believe it though.

Note that Proteus mana block lasts shorter than normal in the ninja tower.


When they weren’t on the first charge the bigger problem is that they fired at all, regardless proteus or not.

Probably just a slash attack?
Or they were already at charge one or higher.
Garnet prevents the ninjas from getting blocked.
On the higher levels proteus block them for only one turn.
Or he missed because they dodged.
With some pictures or a little bit more information somebody could help you better.

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I was told they gain 10% every turn. Is this stopped by mana block?

Yes, mana block stops everything, also the automatic mana gain, bosses or opponents in raids get when they aren’t hit with tiles.

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Also remember that higher the tower level, less his mana stop duration last.

At the end of the tower, you basically block mana for only one turn, hence, be careful if they are still blocked.


Another thing to be aware of, which could be the case here, they can “change their mind” at certain times - not sure what stimulus is required, but they do - I will try to explain

Scenario: a ninja has charged past the first charge, but is not flashing (and therefore not intending to fire the special) and are manablocked so cant gain mana. If they get hit with tiles or specials they can change to flashing ( and therefore intending to fire) even while mana blocked, and then fire their 1 or 2 special (wherever they were up to), even though their mana bar hasn’t changed

I hope I explained that clearly enough


I at least understood it and that’s what really often happen in raids too.
It’s like they sensing the danger to get killed before shooting, so they change their mind before it’s too late.

Quite a sharp behaviour for an AI.


I think this is the reason

I think it happens before you get to time behaving erratically , I think it is just a programmed AI behaviour

How you play with Proteus on high level??? Because eaven with max emblem if he gets 2 hits from the boss he’s dead. I’m just curious?? And yes if you arrive on over level 40 with Proteus wich is very unlikely he’s mana stop lasting only for 2 turns so thats why the bosses are fire very often

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Actually it lasts only one turn on floors above 40.

Proteus isn’t really useful on higher floors. Too fragile. And his mana block only lasts for one turn. On higher floors you need to bring direct damage heroes.

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Proteus is not very useful, some ppl like him but some not and for me is just a hero max out but never used. I’m absolutely sure now some of you is coming up with contrary opinion but I don’t really up to him. I use to have have 5 of him and max out 1 then I have tried to use him on raid and war of corse against 4* team because i’m aware he doesn’t have any chance to fire against 5* team and i was amazed how bad is the hero because eaven against 4* team he never fire because he was dead already so i decide to eat him along with all of them. Then I make another 100 Atlantis coins and i pull him again and then i max out him and i keep him on the banch as it is coz he is useless.

Proteus was in my main teams in almost all final stages of all events and the three seasons (except Pirates of Corellia), but I agree that from the level 30 until the last stage in NT, he becomes pretty useless.


In pvp raids against other heroes, yes, Proteus is not very useful. He usually dies before he can fire.

But in pvm battles such as map stages, events, and quests, he is super useful since you can use potions to mana him up and shut down the bosses for good. Of course, since he is fragile, you have to keep him alive so he can make it to the boss wave.

I have 2x Proteus+19, and 3rd Proteus+0.
Proteus+19 with mana troop lvl 17 is very good.
And I also use Proteus in VF war, which is great result.

For Ninja Tower.
I almost not used Proteus in Ninja Tower, I think I use only around level 10-20 and only one times I think, it is not only less mana block turn or weak hero, but there are very rare yellow monster and bosses, and yellow monster is only Mica which is not danger at all, so I do not bring Purple heroes.
The most used heroes color are green and yellow.


Yes if you have them :))) because usually those items are hard to make specially when you face 13* Titans where you use louds of them

as others said, on higher levels Proteus and other heroes with effects lasting 3 turns aren’t very helpful.

For those levels, I focus on - snipers, pure healers/over healers, and buffers/debuffers with longer durations (e.g. Isarnia).

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