Ninja summons odds

So how many summons does it take for the odds to match up to the odds they list on the summons? 500 summons doesn’t do it. I learned that the hard way. Is it 1,000 before the odds balance out? 10,000, 1,000,000? I mean it’s really ridiculous to get 2 ninjas in 500 summons. Unless they are skewing the odds

Just RNG…you need an infinite number of summons to line up with their posted odds in reality. 500 is just a blip.


So in other words, no matter what you spend, they give the heroes to who they want.


61 pulls and 4 shales. That’s it. Id say the odds are in my favor if I try more…but I’d be lying to myself. Next pull has the same chance as the ones before it. RNG can be mean

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That’s not bad at all. I got 9 shales in 500 pulls. Also got a countless number of that completely worthless HOTM. I have already used all of him as feeders. Shale is worth keeping a couple of.

It’s really just an insult that for a couple grand you get a bunch of a useless hero at 1.3% odds, but no good ones at 1% odds. I would rather have just not gotten any 5*s. The hotm is like a slap in the face. Now if they end up buffing him so he is useful, like hits all at very fast speed, he would be worth keeping.

If you didn’t even get Sapphire or Ametrine and only 9 shale in 500 summons, id say you had the worst streak of luck in the history of summoning. No 5 star ninja is very poor, but I can see that happening on the bad end. Either way, sorry to hear…not fun.

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No i did get the other 4* ninjas too. 5 sapphires and 11 ametrines.

My teammate one coin free pull. Ruby!! Oh God.

38 people walk into a casino and everyone puts $10 on a number from 00 to 36.

1 person is going to win $360 and be happy

37 people are going to be unhappy.

Everyone does it again. There’s a 1 in 38 chance the same person wins $360

1 very very happy person.

37 increasingly unhappy people.

But it could happen. That essentially what RNG is and there’s no system or method to it. Someone somewhere is always going to get lucky on a single pull.

Tbh they aren’t daft as they know we like to hoop and holler when we get something good. We show alliance members, we share on social media, we post it in the forum. My alliance mate just got Ruby from a 10 pull…I want to do it now as I’m envious of that. But I’m sticking to my budget and my budget is no pulls in NT other then from coins I get. It takes willpower of course and we don’t all have it sadly.

But this is how the system works, we only lose what we decide to lose, no one is making us. If you have money that you can afford to lose then you can have a flutter and try for them. The key is understanding there’s no guarantee no matter how many pulls you do and not to regret what you decide to lose.

My thoughts on it anyway


this is why i like Ninja Tower: spend all my gems on the troops portal so i’m not tempted to pull heroes :grin:

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I just used 39 ETT in ninja troop portal. At 15% (10% classic and 5% ninja) I should expect roughly six 4* troops. I pulled 11. That’s almost double the odds. RNG gonna RNG. I expect no 4* troops now for the next year or two.


He must have done at least 51 ten pulls to get her then. I am over it. You shouldn’t have to spend 4 figures just to have a decent hero. Or to not have one. Which is stupid, because without decent heroes, there’s no point in playing.

Well I got 8 of the hotm. Of course, if it was an hotm that was worth maxing, they wouldn’t have given me any.

Well, as f2p I consider every hero has a place. Every player needs to determine what they can afford to spend on this game, knowing that nothing is guaranteed. It is an entertainment expense, like going to the movies. If you aren’t being entertained, reconsider the expenditure.

Actually, not so much what you can afford as what you are willing. I can afford to spend much more than I have (I guess I’m really vc2p). I am just not willing.


I got two new ninjas Quartz and Zircon from my 4* 10 pulls. It’s just Rng. I don’t have single S3 legendary hero. I have done more then 400 pulls in S3 portal.


Each pull has same odds. Just because you summon 100 heroes doesn’t make you chances better.

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I have more odds to be killed by a velociraptor than getting one of these ninjas.


With 500 summons you have a 99,4% chance getting at least 1 Ninja 5*.

So you are in the super unlucky area :see_no_evil:

6 people out of 1000 who did 500 summons would have your result at average.

Well 300 more summons and still no new ninja. Did get onyx which I have two of maxed already. I figure one more ten pull, if no ruby, no point in playing anymore. It’s ridiculous that they don’t let certain people get new heroes, who are willing to pay for the new heroes, instead, SG just wants the spenders to quit playing.