Ninja nerfing of everything ... or almost

I think a lot of people lately noticed that something wrong in this “strange” game. I am not saying that it’s a fact, but as for me stones in titan and war was awful for 2 days everytime and each battle! Now there will come “random sect :wink:” and will cry loud that’s how random works and it’s random etc. Also now almost all heroes from camp or world map are 1*. Of course not all, but to see 2* heroes now like 4* 5* from 20 lvl camp ^^, for sure can say i am now notice a way more 1* instead of 2* like earlier. So now there is a question - maybe by “various bugs fix and slighty improvment” in update means “we nerfed a lot, go **** yourself”, or they even nerf without updating and players only after hard work find that (there were some examples of that). So maybe we should demand proper information and not like unknown bull***t? Again I am not saying that all this is ablolute truth, maybe it’s only my unlucky notices. It’s general disscusion theme.

I receive good items and 2* like raining, so perhaps i don’t share your feelings?

Happy for you, but the question was about more information about updates and bugs fix etc :slight_smile:

Oh, good luck for that.
Until now they never shared that kind of information.

Assumptions is the only things we can do.

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I’m not sharing your observations. across two accounts I’ve gotten 15 two stars and 16 one stars from my various uncommon/low cost/extra low cost today.