Ninja Heros already maxed!

So many of my friends want to know how is it that ninja tower is not even complete, but yet we have players that have ninja heros maxed. I said it was beta testers. But come on really allowing em to be used when everyone else have not even had the chance to win one is just flat out stupid . Just goes to show how rigged this game can be at times. Pictures to follow!

This is just factually wrong I’m sorry to say, you may wish to adjust your OP to be less accusatory & misleading.

Click for explanation of how Beta & Live game interract -- Spoiler, they don't.

What it ACTUALLY is is a phenomenon called “power levelling”. You can read more on it on any of these threads:


You can find several videos in YouTube how they level up 5* hero less than one hour.


Ok can someone explain emblems then. MANY if not everyone complains about emblems hows that possible . Cant tell me they were saved up but yet there a high ranking team that’s just bs. So shoot I’m as well as alot of others are listening.

Emblems are also easy to move around. Used to be more difficult (but doable) but are fare easier to shift now.

Reset token = all emblems back into account to use at will. Plus get 20% food & iron back (thanks to the last update).

If no reset token, can use gems & get 95% of emblems back

Emblem costs are dramatically less now than previously, making emblems even cheaper and easier to move around (check the release notes if you’re unsure).

In terms of the Resource Costs:

  • Many players have a food back in their TC12, 13 or 20 which they can withdraw from at will (See the video linked in previous comment about how this is done).
  • Also can use Hero Academy Troop Training levels as an “Iron bank” to withdraw from.
  • Plus have Food & Iron bundles as rewards from

You have to remember that power levellers are pretty much exclusively late game players who are specifically saving feeders & resources for when they get a hero they actually WANT to max out and use…

  • Heroes trained are not being collected but left in the training camp until needed (I have 3k stashed in TC2 which I haven’t needed yet).

  • Food is in excess & as such is banked away in TC20, TC12 or TC13 which all have high food-to-recruits ratios

  • Iron has few uses late game when all the buildings are completed… Some make battle items, many just stash it away for a “future date” by using Hero Accademy Troop levels (again high iron-to-recruit ratio)


Yeah well just like alot of Tom Bradys Super Bowl wins . NO ONE is that GOOD NO ONE. . No one saves that much then to be on top saving up . Right. So far not a single person I show this to have agreed. We just dont believe you guys when you tell us this. On top of Puzzle Combat which as more or less same issues. So I guess multi alliance groups are wrong then . I’m sure happy about that 1 . Thanks but no thanks.

I’m a beta tester. I don’t have single S3 hero. I have two event hero’s. All my hero’s are hotm and classic hero’s. I don’t have one red 4 star troop even after playing for two years. If you say beta testers have advantage in game it’s a false claim.


I just dont believe em. Along with alot of players. No way does this happen if not for some influences.

No offence, does it really matter that other players already have maxed Ninja heroes?

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That was just what I thought. But have commented back to team that it’s not the case


Yes unless you are on top . Some one ranked that high would say.

I don’t have any of the 5* ninjas nor do I want them. Power leveling is simple for the top end and I have no problem with that. I could do the same if I pulled a hero that I wanted maxed. We got Iron and food bundles, scores of feeders just sitting, waiting for a worthy hero.


No-one apart from pretty well every late game player lol…

You have been given the evidence, pointed to videos, explained how the process goes and yet you still choose to disbelieve & stick with your unfounded accusations (in the face of contrary evidence)…?

But what do I know… I’m just a late game player doing exactly this (maxed my Alfrike from 0 -> 4-80 in 2 days after summoning in order to use in a tournament).


I’m not a top 100 player, and I don’t care about other players power levelling the latest heroes. It’s happened before, and it will continue to happen.

This is a non issue to me. You are entitled to your opinion.

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I got garnet from a 10 pull. 24 hours later she was 4.80 and yesterday on 18 emblems :woman_shrugging:
It’s normal to have a hero maxed in just few hours if u have the ascension materials on hand.
Note i’m C2P and definitely not a beta tester.


Congrats @00Nihal00! :kissing_heart:
It’s me, Samantha. :sweat_smile:

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Exactly. Same thing what i did


Explain why EVERYONE I MEAN EVERYONE. complains about accession materials. Theres not not an abundance of em. As far videos are concerned just means you work for the man! Dont believe everything you hear or see.

Samiiiii :kissing: : thank you. Hit the ceiling when seen her hahah @SamMe :heart:

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