Ninja Heroes (mana tile charge question)

Offense ques…
I read somewhere that ninja heroes need 5 tiles to get to 1x mana. Can anyone confirm this?

And to get to 2x and 3x mana charge, it would take additional 5 tiles + 5 tiles?

(Assuming no emblems and troops)

And how many tiles does exploding a diamond count as?

Just trying to wrap my head around how many tiles it takes to charge the ninja up on offense.

Defense ques…
How many tiles hitting the ninja on defense does it take to reach 1x, 2x, 3x?

Thanks in advance

Defence they are treated the same way as all other heroes on defence in terms of the mana units per turn (passive) and per tile per cascade.

Can read more on it on this thread (bit to wade through but good info’s): New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate Vol 2

Useful explanation from Kerridoc (no numbers unfortunately)


Thank you @Guvnor… really appreciate such a comprehensive reply. :beers: that was actually what I read but couldn’t recall.

Awesome how community wisdom sorts out info for everyone.



Does someone know how Ariel’s mana boost affects the speed? The chart that explains the tiles needed is only about troops?

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I could not find the answer elsewhere, so I guess this might be the topic to ask the question - how does rush attack tournament affect ninja heroes if it even has any affect on them?

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So says the rule, I think that will certainly not be any different.

normally Ninjas need 4.905 tiles to get to x1


That’s a super handy chart! @Guvnor

Is there any value to the +2% class mana boost for the ninjas? Does it speed them up on offense at all, or are you probably better off taking whatever other route the class offers?

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Yes it does. I tested with Khagan’s 24% mana generation boost and Onyx charged up 1x with 4 tiles
You can calculate the tiles needed from the base given the % boost.
Eg. for Khagan, each tile gives 1.24 times the normal mana.
1x = 4.9 / 1.24 = 3.95 tiles, 2x = 7.9, 3x = 11.85

The chart that ALX posted shows this in an easier form

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Full Thread: Ninja Heroes Mana Node; Useful or Not?


By the Fast mana speed tournament. Ninja heroes couldn’t get any mana speed bonus. Is this exactly what the SG intended and made?

In fact 4.9 cannot be expected, because in some cases, as with troops, lvl. 1 (+5%) does not have the right effect at x3. The correct value would always be 4.905 for x1, this has already been tested.
x3 is not 14.7 tiles, but 14.715 tiles and therefore troops lvl. 1 (5%) cannot be reduced by 1 tile

14 x 1.05 = 14.7 tiles (but X3 is not loaded)
14 x 1.07 = 14.98 tiles (X3 is loaded)

another example shows exactly how to load X2 using mana troops lvl 11 (X1=4.905, X2=9.81 tiles)

9 x 1.09 = 9.81 tiles

Overview of Ninjas mana load for Rush Attack Turnaments.

red: with mana bonus from class only
blue: with additional +24% bonus from heroes
purple: with +24% bonus from heroes and +4% chain bonus

red: with mana bonus from class only
blue: with additional +33% bonus from heroes
purple: with +33% bonus from heroes and +4% chain bonus


Yes, to make it 4 tiles, need 23%, Khagan has 24%.

It is still valid. Because:

  • 2x charge 8 tiles need 23%.
  • 3x charge 12 tiles need 23%.

But still the base 1x charge is 4.905 not 4.9.
Like @ALX said.

Here is my summary table.


… just test it, feedback is welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


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