Ninja Heroes Mana Node; Useful or Not?

I’m sure this was answered. Haven’t found it. Would Sapphire gaining 2% mana speed be useful? Working talent tree.

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For me I would sa: "Not really no."

Per below, mana break-points for the Ninja Troops are:

  • 9% for -1 tile on charge 2x
  • 7% for -1 tile on charge 3x

As the mana node only gives +2% or +4% neither is really useful in terms of achieving a break-point on their own… You would still need to pair it with another mana troop


Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if the 4% emblem mana bonus will have any effect on the number of tiles for a ninja hero already with level 29 mana troops?


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This may help: Troop Comparison & Summary! -- Including New Ninja Troops

Mana Troop level 17 plus Class+20 emblems (4%)
or Troop 29
or Troop 23 +Class (2%)
Can make Charge 3x from 15 tiles into 13 tiles.

Here is table Ninja charge:


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