Ninja heroes, how does work in defense?

It’s random between the three …

For me only one of the ninjas is worthy of defence … and it’s green!


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Pls, explain !

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It was already explained above :arrow_up:


Agreed, they all seem god-awful for defense.

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Not really. Is it random time intervals or do they just randomly fire? As in does one bar fill and they can go at any power or will you watch their bar fill, they not fire, and then you know you’ve got the next bar until they hit? Could they randomly decide to hit midway through the second or third bar or will it always be as a bar fills?

Okay, more in depth:

It’s this. As soon as the match starts, the AI has already decided whether it will fire when the mana bar reaches x1, x2 or x3. You won’t know that until they charge to that level.

Once they charge to that level, you will see the “S” next to their mana bar indicating they’re about to fire their special skill. That’s when you’ll know which level of charge they’re going to use.

Once they fire, the AI will randomly decide again when they will fire for the next charge. It’s always random as far as I could tell, there’s no pattern.

Always when their bar fills to what the AI randomly decided as far as I could tell in beta.

I think mana reductions and spell slayer from Hansel & Gretel can mess with that though… but don’t quote me on that because I don’t recall the specifics with those effects.


Thank you for the detailed answer.


Thank you for the great answers! For the heroes who do damage based on enemy mana (like Kestrel) is a 1x+ mana bar always considered 100% mana for Ninja heroes?

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Don’t agree EG … Jade is going to be an awesome tank for defence … just faced her on the tower and she is a pain …

From this thread:

So I imagine heroes that do extra damage the more mana the enemies have will be good against the Ninjas (only Kestrel and Atomos off the top of my head in 5*s)

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Thank you, I must have missed that when I was skimming. Thank you for the clarification!

I don’t have Atomos, but I do have (and LOVE!) Kestrel. I just need to plan my offenses in case I see any of these ninja heroes on defense in raids…which I doubt. Taking these guys on defense is a huge gamble because Level 1 special does nearly nothing…and as soon as they charge beyond that, they’ll have a target on their back for snipers.

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We’ll see, the random aspect makes it seem like they’ll be inconsistent. I’ll stick with Frigg at green on Defense. Maybe they’ll be awesome tho.

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As well as Hansel, Gretel, Merlin, Zocc and the co*… Basically guarantee proc :slight_smile:

thanks guys… “unfortunately” I have Jade and I can see she will be killed as same as Telluria…
please do not use her as defense… I am very happy with Jade =(

Nothing is random. There has to be some sort of Al Gore lol rythym that dictates the firing.

Cozy has explained it above but:


I just got Jade. And I really don’t know if to level her. Originally I planned to level Frigg next but now I am not sure. Maybe I missed this topic; but how fast is filled the Ninjas bar? Is it very fast, fast, average or what? Or is there a completely other logic behind that?Maybe it is an argument for or against Jade. Thanks in advance.

100% like a very fast, but in my experience I felt like a very very fast hahaha

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Random at 100% HP

This was apparently discussed in Beta

This is the behavior at 100% HP

Low health

Rumor from Beta,
Someone brought up what a waste if 1x, or 2x, charge already, but dies before reaches random determined 3x charge

So there is a second rule, if Ninja has 1x, or more charge, and X% HP. Ninja will immediately use their special skill

So try to kill a Ninja with 1x, or more charge, wounding it may trigger its special skill