Ninja Hero with +19 Emblems

How has someone at level 60 got a ninja with 19 emblems?Just won a raid against someone in China.The food element appears impossible.

Round two? :sweat_smile::popcorn:

20 popcorns


It must have been aliens!

Or stored food, heroes and emblems. But that would be ridiculous. So definitely aliens!


Yeah, who would store food, feeders, and emblems? Wouldn’t that be like…cheating?


LOL you guys. Be kind.


One can get a ninja hero just by summoning at the ninja portal when the Ninja Tower even was on-going. Getting one may be based on luck or the unlimited money and gems the player spent getting the said ninja hero.

As for maxing said ninja, all a player needs is several feeder heroes (and/or trainer heroes) already trained at the training camps and/or hero academy unclaimed for quite some time, preferably for several months, as well as those dupes and useless heroes summoned when summoning at the said ninja portal, and food stored and hoarded at the various functions of the Training Camps, Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, Food Bundle from Path of Valor rewards, etc.

If you have the desired hero, sufficient feeder heroes and food, then it will be a matter of minutes or hours to max the said hero. For emblems, some of the player’s heroes may be stripped of emblems in favor of the new maxed ninja hero. Again, food source is from those stored from various sources. Iron can be stored at Hero Academy or when iron bundles are used.

For experienced and veteran players, this is not a mystery. For better understanding, you may search some YouTube videos on how players power level and max their heroes within a few minutes.


You can max a hero very quickly after obtaining them (literally a matter of hours). You just need enough feeders in your training camps. In addition, your training camps can also be food storage. If you have a high level TC with training happening far enough into the future you have a lot of food storage effectively. You can always subtract from the training which gives you back the food you spent to initiate the training.


Is this a 6th element that SG has introduced to spice up raids?


Thank you.I can see that now you have set it out.It just didnt feel right.

I agree, and the food could also be the result of hoarding POV crates. These add up to a pretty healthy amount of hams.

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Just need to resetting emblems, then i could easily max emblem 4 or 5 of them.


Very nice @Elpis, no lack of resources there :grin:

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19 emblems, you say?
I had the pleasure of going up against this team yesterday:

Empires⚔️_Screenshot_2020.10.19_23.03.55 A

I got absolutely hammered. :laughing:



Wow thats crazy, skipping feeders, buying food and iron from store, some ridiculius amount of gems.

Not skipping with gems, but claiming uncollected feeders and retrieving stored food and iron

Well, that’s the beauty of those who have played this long enough to understand the mechanics of the game. They are able to store food at the training camps and hero academy and queue thousands of feeder heroes at the TCs and HA that all they need is the right hero for those food and feeder heroes to be consume. Play actively and you’ll get to that stage of the game, too… eventually. Check @Elpis post on the amount of food stored at his training camp as well as the feeders he has available.

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Guess what? Players that don’t spend much money or any can have lots of supplies ready too. You know why? It’s because we normally don’t have any hero to level, so it is so easy to save hundreds of millions in food and other supplies


Difficult team to beat, Finley can be a pain…
I always try to kill him first , i certainly don’t want him hitting me when i have all my buffs going on. :smile:

Sorry for video quality.

Who cares about the heroes?

Look at that Ninja troop already at lvl 29… THAT’S a lot of food and troops…!!!


i saw a cobalt+20 hitting very strong