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If i were u, i prefer the ninja

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When paying with a ninja hero on attack, I understand you can wait to use their special when mana charged x1, x2 or x3. My question is when the hero is on defence like the teams we play in the tower or in raids, how does the special work, does the game just randomly decide when to use the special at what mana charge, as it were? Sometimes at charge 2, sometimes 1 sometimes 3. Is it just completely random or is there some logic to it?

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It’s random, just like those in ninja tower


Ive just pulled Garnet. I think that her first skill lvl is at Grazul lvl(better for me that i dont have a mana red troop to charge grazul) and the second skill is Heimdall level so overall Garnet is one of the best Ninjas around, at least from the support group.

Would be Garnet a good tank hero? Or she shines only on offensive


Onyx should dispell buffs first - then hit the target…

Not only is cobalt broken, he is wizard. He bypasses buffs and jinxes enemies. That damage is insane and he makes killhare look like an amateur.


4* Ninjas may be powerful in 4* tournaments. I think it’s a strength to be able to charge with 6 tiles without mana troops.


they are overpowered, we already knew it before their release, now its confirmed they are absolutely overpowered at a point that Grave/tellu/vela are just joke. These heroes rock on defense and offense, they are crazy mana speed, crazy skills, crazy stats

If they dont nerf them the game is broken, but they need to sell them for several round before we see them in the remake of tellu/vela drama

i want to spend to pull them…but i dont want to loose 1k $ after 4 months like for tellu-vela
so i ll wait at least 6 months before spending on this portals

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A lot of us are faced with the same decision right now and it sucks. Are we to assume this is a new business model strategy for SG - introducing OP heroes, get us to spend $thousands, then only to see them nerfed?


Pulled Cobalt AND Garnet in a 10-Pull, what a lucky Saturday for me, both seem fantastic!


@Petri I think that Shale needs a rework. She needs to clean all allies from the 2nd lvl of the ability. Otherwise i doubt her being used. The weakest of the ninjas by far


Isnt this the Ninja HERO thread?

She will need Grazul or Garnet as flank to really bring it home. Her lack of healing is a problem for her in the tank position.

I do think Jade/ Garnet combo as tank/ flank will be challenging even with randomized charge firing. Although you would want both to go off early to be sure. 15 tiles can do a lot of damage if they wait to fully charge…

The Ninja fam bonus will come into play as well with both of them.

Shale is not good on first and second tier. That he doesn’t cover all allies until third tier is atrocious compared to rigard or cRigard.

Bought one 2.99 offer today and I got Onyx!! Absolutely stoked as I’ve been sitting on 6 tabs and my only other 5* purple to level is Obakan.

Also found a 19 node Garnet while raiding today - she didn’t seem that threatening on defense to be honest, definitely seems like a stand-out offensive support hero.

Frigg, GM, Finley and Jabber on the other hand…Absolutely terrifying…I got lucky so many times :rofl:


Do you guys think such a defense would work?

Should i replace ursena with onyx and put mitsuko as flank?

joke category… bad board simply powers up these new enemies, and they literally one shots team lol (can’t even dodge.)


There’s LOTS of great new stuff to discuss here.


Sweet! When I have a chance to play this, I’m all over it. Thanks!

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