🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Yes, but ninja heroes is more slow then Very Slow Alfrike right? :thinking:

I honestly don’t know what the ninja charge rate is. Seems in tower they hit 3x very quickly


It is in the OP, here is the table:

So, Very slow hero is 13.5 tiles, and Ninja Heroes is 15 tiles. So it means 1.5 tiles more slow then very slow heroes.


I’ve been extremely lucky and got both Garnet and Onyx on a 10-pull. Got the mats to max them both. I guess I should do that asap?
Got hundereds of red heroes at trainkng camps aswell, waiting for a possible Gefjon next week. Should I do Garnet first?


Lol just saw the special skill animations. Sapphire’s animation is a rip-off of Finley’s and Ametrine’s is a rip-off of Nordri’s animation. I think other ninjas’ animations is like Ladi Loki’s or something.

Overall most useful ninja in-game is still Hikaru. MVP


Same here… why include season 1 in an event or other season pull! I can only assume it’s because SG designed this game as a massive wind up to their player base :rofl:

Sorry if this has been answered, but I have been unable to find information. What is the Mana speed of these ninja heroes? Is the first charge very fast or fast? Or is it completely different?

As someone who got lucky and got Garnett on a 10 pull, a little disappointed to hear this. I thought maybe the ninja heroes would fill to their tier 3 specials at VF speed in rush tourneys. That might be a bit overpowered though - but I’d argue not much more OP, if at all, than Alfrike in VF tourneys.

Literally 4 posts above…


I agree with you completely. Perhaps Ninja Turtles would have looked more fun. Moreover, there is a lot of interesting heroes here: April O’Neil, Splinter, and other good and bad characters. :smiling_imp:

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While I could have used more 3 star hero’s in the beginning I started this event for fun, learning and sharing it with my community. This event has left me with a huge net loss on items for barely anything returned. I am not a fan of stacking but this event showed me how much I love all of my hero’s and I am glad to have them all.

Overall, good not great and needs to be more accessible for players without deep rosters not just the whales.


Ninja heroes extremely powerful on raid defense.

They can even dodging tiles! How scary isn’t it!

Here’s the video of garnet and cobalt on defense:



Thanks @mogulemon

Do you still think this ninja AI is daft? @Grumpigamer.

The AI looks good to me. Regardless of charge, Garnet fired when close to death.

It appears that multiple ninja defense dodge is counterproductive for the mana gain

:point_up_2:2 tiles

10 tiles

Another dodge for 12 tiles. Still not 200%

And 15 tiles later. Still not 300%!

The second match was gold @mogulemon
I counted 15 tiles, no dodges and not at 200%!

I’m also looking forward to fighting defense ninjas.
I think the AI will make me sweat a bit.

But even if this:

Is spot on.

That very very slow potential.
And what looked to me like, very very very slow :rofl:

Will not keep them in my raid buttons for long.


Of the eight these artworks, seven are on one theme: “A ninja is prepared to attack.”

But a ninja can be relaxed or naughty, he can study you, eat sushi and drink sake …

Seven artworks on one theme: it’s a bit boring.

Only Cobalt looks different, but here he looks more like a samurai, not a ninja.

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What do you think?


Thanks for posting your grading of the Ninjas. Congrats on getting a 4* Ninja. I have done 50x pulls so far and managed to snag Ametrine and Sappire. I think these 4*'s would be pretty fun in the 4* Raid Tourney’s.

The artwork is correct because Cobalt uses a ninjatō (shinobigatana) rather than the “curved” katana used by the samurai.
However, in historical fact, shinobigatana is often carried from the left shoulder to the right hip, but in the artwork it is the opposite.


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In this YouTube videos, cobalt+20 basically massacre the whole team at 800-900 damage/person. Isn’t this needs to be tone down? Yes, I’m calling for a nerf cause I can’t imagine war where Vela+20 who hits for 200/person will be replaced by cobalt+20. It won’t be fun for anyone, even for those top50 alliances.

Repeated useless question is why can’t SG test their heroes properly before they release them? I thought preserving balance is your main goal?

@Guvnor, @Petri , is there a way this concern can be raised to whoever supposed to handle this?


I was lucky and got onyx from a single pull.
Should i max him or bera?
My other maxed 5s are alfrike,domitia, ursena,clarissa.
I also have tibs costume +19 and rigard costume +19

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