🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Also the board is from an other game :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The problem of this. That are so many fi… y rich people who already summoned around 700 pulls each… in a couple of hours. That’s just disgusting. Even if the rewards are underwhelming… The 5* hero are okay. But the troops? Not in a this world I stop leveling a mana troop almost at 30, to start leveling those new troops. Back to scratch? Not me.


Just got the pop up when I opened the game. Looks like it said “Greed of the Ninja”. Well at least they are being more honest.

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They are faster than very fast. 4.9 tiles to charge them up without mana troops.


I like Amentrine’s design, but aren’t ninjas supposed to be stealthy? Bright purple outfit doesn’t seem like the best approach to achieve that to me.

Of course if I’d get any of 5* ninjas, especially Garnet, I would be very happy. Especially since I considered taking ToL Ultimate offer this Sunday but SG crushed my hopes to dust once again. :cry:

My thoughts is shoulda just kept ToL and stop with this Kinda thing as it smells alot like a grab... should focus on what is good and not what just makes more as ppl Will be spending alot to get these new hero’s and troops for bragging rights then the mats to max them,

Just a bit much but that’s just my opinion


These new ninja designs dont look worthy of legendary/epic status at all, they look more like new 1* heroes added to the game. I wont be using any diamonds on this event ever if they stay like that.


I’m waiting on ascension materials for GM and pulled Garnet. She like better faster Grazul. I’m actually thinking about passing on ascending GM when i finally get my rings. Somebody tell me I’m crazy please


Nop, you are not crazy. Id love to pull Garnet and i have grazul. She seems like a fussion between grazul and heimdall(without the resurrect) . Shes too powerful.
So whatever you pick i think there isnt a no brainer pick. Unless you need GM for defense


I did a 5 pull and got the usual garbage & 4* Sapphire. At least she’ll be easy for me to level and I get to experiment with the charge mechanic first hand. Reserving judgement until I get a better sense with playing her although I agree Garnet is definitely a hero I would want since no Grazul for me.

I do have JF and am not too sure which would be more successful on offense. I think Garnet would be but also have a ton of emblems waiting for GM which I think would be better overall and can really use him on defense. Most of my alliance said the same thing as you did and that was my thinking also


If you have already planed ahead and saved emblems for GM go with him. Its your project and is a beast of hero. I dont know how many rings do you have but you can get them with luck. I ascended Grazul one month ago and used all my rings (0) then i pulled mitsuko. Now i have already 4 rings. So time will come to max both. Good luck.

Pd: If you run AL , plus titans and mount umber you can come across rings sooner

It’s a good event but it could be better suited for players without decent rosters. I took my time with it for fun and research and I found out that past stage 10 it may be hard for a lot of players and it started to feel more geared toward whales instead. I don’t have an issues with these anymore but it doesn’t mean others can participate in it fully. I’d make sure everyone can compete in these, not just a few.

They also go off randomly between the 3 stages. We’ll see.

Def+Health path


Dang! Assuming you tank her, please let us know how it goes.

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I saw a video of a maxed Jade tanking. The attacker won in that match, with no hero lost. I feel she is an OK tank, just not top notch. Her main issue is she deals no damage and does no healing. You can continue to dump tiles on her and she will eventually die.
I think Guin is a better tank.


Do you think Shale is better than Boldtusk?

No. Twenty nos!!!


I was thinking if E&P has new characters wouldnt you want to spend money to get them. Alliance said yeah. So I did a 10 pull as well as many others . Just like always 3* . Fryer, Bane etc… Come on really . Why are season 1 character’s even part of it. Let’s move on from season 1. Especially if we have storage room issues for characters.


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