🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Glad I found this info. Thanks to all who put it together since I’m like “charge” what does that mean in tiles. Kudos to creators.

My god these heroes are insane… and SG nerfed Telluria and Vela? you have to be joking… now these extremely fierce ninja heroes appears…??? so everyone spending $ and gems to get them… and… a few months later… SG decide to “balance” them… again the same movie. They are making a lot of mistakes with game… this is sad.


They’re only potentially great on offense, so it should be fine. The way their specials get randomized, they’ll simply be too unreliable to put on defense unless you have no other 5* in that color, which of course the whales already do.

Even on offense, you’ll have to devote a lot to keeping them alive until fully charged for maximum impact.

I wish there were 3 star Heroes from this event. :slight_smile: Perhaps with a smaller but similar ability, it would also expand the feedback. For selfish reasons, just for all those of us who cannot ascend 4 star Heroes anyway. Good luck to all :four_leaf_clover:


This video has 1 month (before last telluria’s and vela’s nerf) look at the battle against the better 5 heroes. These new heroes are from another game


Interesting heroes and I like the tiers for the specials. I can see that being very useful when I am saving a special for the boss level of a game. Was confused about the “charge” and would rather see an actual speed there so I can get an idea of what speed each of these heroes actually charge at.

I am not a whale but did a few pulls today from the offer and was lucky enough to get Ametrine along with Zulag, so am happy with the additions to my dark roster.


Haha Telluria! Get rekt you stupid tree!

Just kidding, but it is fun to see Telluria get owned.

I’m not surprised that the ninjas would have good offensive symmetry with each other. Besides, that looks like a team of fully maxed (and possibly fully emblemed) ninjas in a rainbow team. Lots of the top players already have rainbow teams that can routinely beat Telluria tank teams in Raids, so that’s not anything extremely new.

I just watched it again and I think it should also be said that is a ridiculously good board for a rainbow team.


Congratulations on the nice pulls and HotM!

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Thanks. I know Ametrine is not a 5 star hero, but as a debuffer I am sure to get a lot of use out of her in tournments.

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The ninjas imo don’t fit into the game. The game is full of imaginary creatures and ninjas just don’t fit into the mix. Will I be trying to pull for any? Probably not.


I pulled Jade and Shale this morning.Problem is…
You Cant put them in Defense.
AI will screw you definetely and ruin the Charge 3 of the heroes.
On the other hand.
Onyx and Cobalt , offensively will dominate.

Heroes that add uncertainty can be irritating on defense, especially if their first charge does something irritating enough, because the attacker needs to decide whether to risk it or take them out. For that reason, these kind of heroes can be considered for flank and wing. After all, the attacker is supposed to win. It’s up to the attacker to avoid bad things happening.

If i look at Jade she’s on 819 1446 max and monk. Why shouldn’t she be a great tank?


Horrible. It’s like putting an idea of another game inside E&P. The Goblin balloon was once a failure. Now that event is another horrible idea. Why not try to implement the suggestions for improvement in what already exists in the game? Honestly, it’s making you want to stop playing.


I did 54 pulls total at the Ninja gate.
I wasn’t very lucky & end up with…

I am not complaining about having those new heroes.
But wished I pulled a 5* Ninja hero.

No ninja today summoning, but…

I’m definitely not sad, I don’t have many options for my defense so I hope she can help me in some way, i’m thinking in put her on left flank, beside Costume Richard as tank, what about guys?

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This belongs more in the summoning thread 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Portal - Summons, Stats, Results & Offers.

But anyways the chance to pull any 5* ninja in 54 pulls is ~41.88%. It will take 69 pulls (~$182 for 70 pulls which is the most economic way to get there) to have a better than even chance to get a 5* ninja.


Interesting video, but you were blessed with a really good board that kept emptying itself. I think I’ll wait until the next tower before doing any pulls for these heroes.

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I meant, I’m not sure why they (SG) didnt give us the option to pick what charge level when placing on our def team. So like costumes we should be able to select which charge they use their special. It would provide a lot more versatility to the heros on def.

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Did anyone else’s deal of the day for the Ninja event just disappear? I brought today’s deal it was freezing up got the deal than it disappeared and haven’t seen it since .

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