🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Just a thought, but 6 months from now, those heroes will also be obsolete in 6 months. In my opinion you will always spend resources on soon to be obsolete heroes , have a good one

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Why don’t the ninjas have their own discussion board? Are they still relevant? I know they’re really good on offense, but what about defense? I don’t see them much anymore on defense…

I’m not sure what cup level you are fighting at, but Garnet, Cobalt and Onyx are in a LOT of defenses.

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The problem with ninja in defenses is that you can’t control when they will fire and the AI is really dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes, they will hold until the 3rd charge which is like a very slow hero, by which time it’s too late for the ninja to make a difference. Of course 2 or 3 of them together presents a much greater challenge with the dodge and counter-attack chance

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Will there be a Ninja Tower Event in July? I didn’t see anything…

Not in my experience. Garnett in particular always seems to F with me and drop her ailment block always at the perfect time.


It should start around the 21 of july.
You can check the calendar here:

Who is the best ninja? I have Cobalt and Garnet, but I would like to max a 3rd for my defense if I get lucky to pull another. So my question is who is the best overall? and Who will be best for my defense team? (Garnet, Zeline, Prof Liden, Freya, Cobalt) . The color ninja I am chasing will replace the same color in my current defense.

Cobalt garnet and onyx are the best ninjas…
Mica is ok on offense but on defense he s not that good while jade is the worst of the pack

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Shale would beg to differ that she’s the worst lol

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I was mentioning 5 stars only

Sorry, but Onyx Frigg Garnet Odin Cobalt in Reverse is unraidable! Why garnet protects all With her ■■■■■■■ 1x Mana speed? The Family bonus is too much! SG, nerf them finally!!!

July 16, 2021 - YouTube

Finished for first time tower, unexpected. As i am.not so powerfull, i think the key was to keep diamonds and bombs for removing curses.

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The ninja tower is by far the most tedious ■■■■ they have ever put into the game.

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Hello this is SKI-SKI. Today’s topic is ninjas. Your thoughts?

I hate seeing multiples across the battlefield! They work off each other well and are a pain in my butt!

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I know you’ve got some interesting points and a YouTube channel to run, but most of these topics exist already.

It’s probably best if you have one thread for your channel that you add new videos to it.

Cheers Jonah


Here are my thoughts on Ametrine. Please let me know what you think!

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