🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Also finished and quite satisfied.
Have to admit, i was quite negative at first on Ninja Tower, but i am one of those people that really enjoy it.

I have a deck that allow me to go trough it without problems, but not compete for top positions, so i do not pass levels with massive items usage and see the score.

I take my time to plan and finish it without flasks, less items possible but still for a good position.
I will probably end again in top 5000 (1.366.000), which was exactly what i was aiming.

I had more or less 20 heroes cursed, but still plenty to end the tower without problems.

That said, i fully understand why majority of people do not like it and i still think rewards are garbage.


Reached 41 floor this time and no, it didn’t get easier, used majority of items and it absolutely sucked.

Like… i understand there needs to be a challenge but getting one curse after another all the time ? This is BS, how can I play when I need to focus on this constant obstacle.
Then limiting items to 2… Srsly ? Its the only way some of us can reach higher stages.
How am I supposed to win against bosses that do 800 damage to all? When I can’t even use any support… And yeah getting my best heroes cursed all the time because I have no possible matches because of rng board.

I wasted 50+ tornadoes and other items for nothing. Each chest was just a bunch of useless crap.

One of the worst events that only make you angry as you keep losing. Thanks but no thanks.


Limiting items, OP bosses, cursed heroes , after level 30 cursed tiles appear every 2 moves, meh rewards all in the same event. Not counting that you are most of the time trying to avoy the aforemention tiles. it takes too much time. Two of these in an event would be fine, but all, give me a break. Level 44 is fine by me…


Only thing I like about this event is that I DO NOT SEE THE SAME NAMES at the top every event. Great that people cannot redo the levels!!! :rofl:


Hopefully it’s the same for every event but not possible as SG requires the donations from the whales.

I looked at the top 100 as this event closes, and over 50% are folks who are regularly in the top 100 in challenge events. The top 10 in this event is even more enriched with top 10 challenge players, perhaps 80%. You can only redo the levels an average of 1 time, but if you do this through 50 levels it evens out. The same skills to maximize match and time scores apply to both events, and the top 10 have crazy skills with that. I’ll bet a lot of the others of the top 100 in challenges are in the tier just below in Ninja because you don’t lose much by dropping to 100-500.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this event because it is much less boring than the challenges. However, I suspect many of the “new” people who make it to the top are those with heavy rosters and a large cache of heavy items.


Yes. Definitely agree. But not being able to redo a level makes it challenging for the top guys. You can’t flask your way through until you get what you want.

Top guys will remain top guys but it’s difficult for them to keep using flasks.

Depends on the blessings you have. You absolutely need to invest in lantern minions to survive higher levels

Yes… and no.
You can still flee and retry until you get the starting board you desire.

Of course that’s much more easy to exploit in the early levels (1/2 wave mobs, less curses), and i suspect that’s where top players build their score for top positions.

Higher levels they break through using items, so again they see a good starting board and do 1/2 moves before go all out with items, but the outcome is a bit more unpredictable (combo wise) and you still need to get rid of a curse before eventually flee, if you want to keep using your best heroes.

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There was a player here who said it’s most important to focus on the curses and think ahead by preparing dragon heads and diamonds whenever you can. Last resort should be tornadoes and hurricanes I suppose.

You need to buff your HP over the top. Players use and have leveled up several copies of Gullinbursti for that matter. Poor man’s choice would be several copies of cKasshrek which I personally intend to try on the next tower or the one after that.

Run away and try again when you face a bad board, just clear up your curses before that. In this case you’ll have to use flasks of course, but at 50 gems I guess using one it’s a fair trade if you expect to make it to the top and need just a bit of a push.

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I don’t think that’s true. I finished the tower and didn’t choose lantern minions once.
I choose all mana generation and attack increases this time, it was fun!

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I have seen few videos on youtube about climbing nnja towers and honestly I didn’t see nothing about skill. I just saw alteration scroll, tornadoes and heroes that are not in my roster.

Don’t get me wrong, they maybe have good skills but they have especially crazy wallets.


I finished in December without choosing the minions, and I did max minions this time - it was WAY easier with the 30% minions by the end.

Big spenders and people with large rosters will always have advantages in every aspect of this game. If comparing the ninja tower to challenge events, I say there is more of a random aspect to the ninja tower. The challenge events have honestly come down to buying boards. Both events need lots of items but at least the ninja tower doesn’t allow big spenders to buy the board. They have to pretty much learn to work with what is given them. I like the ninja tower while I’m bored with events.

In my opinion challenge events in order to score big, you need certain heroes also. I don’t believe this to be true in the tower. The tower it helps to have variety but the later levels, all you really need is the items. Items can be stocked up and made through game materials so I see this as an attempt to level the playing field. As said earlier though, there is always going to be an advantage to someone who spends. That’s how the game is.


What are your impressions/experiences with this guy? He’s got great grades on defense, and attack. I haven’t seen him in the top 100 even once though. Is it because most prefer Garnet, and having two heroes that do no damage is a setback despite being jumping beans? I want to like this guy, but I’m not convinced he’s worth the resources I’ve put into him. I’m experimenting with teams, but right now have him paired with Alasie, Frigg, Garnet, and or Alfrike/Tyr/Joon.

He is a great hero. However, there are two important aspects roughly in this game, damage and health. This guy does not contribute to it “directly”. This is why top players do not prefer him.

Sif reflects hits and it is the most preferred feature apart from damage and health couple. Mica needs to overtake Sif but he can not. Double formation is also for Sif’s special skill.

Overally Mica is a perfect defensive hero but he can not outweigh Sif and he can give neither health nor damage. That’s all about in my opinion.

I own Sif and Mica at 3/70. I plan to use Mica with Malosi and Thor in raids in the future. I own Onyx and Garnet as well. This ninja trio with two holy VF heros will be my weapon against dark heroes.

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That’s pretty much what I’ve gathered from using him. I have Sif maxed as well. Personally I’d rather face Mica than Sif. Thanks for the insight.

I put emblems on Ametrine for the attack path, but she often dies before reaching level 2 mana charge (where removing Sif or other reflect is needed).

Anyone use a def/health path and can post a pic? Thoughts on her emblem path?

I’ll eventually level Mica and Shale so I can protect her more.

Does anyone know if it is supposed to work the way that, if the mana is charged with 150%:

And I fire level 1, the mana bar is getting completely empty?

From my understanding, it should still be loaded with 50%, or am I wrong?

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It depletes everything after launch

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