🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Because of the charge system, most of the ninjas are at best ok on defense, and the heroes that get nerfed are the ones that break the raid / war defense meta.

Ninjas are ridiculously OP on offense, but you won’t have horses of people complaining about it, because people don’t know why their defense team lost any given battle.

SGG learned their lesson with Telly/Vela. You won’t see easily(ish) obtained OP tanks again.


If they get profit from them they won´t nerf them.

They are ninjas but Kage is a Samurai, he should counter all of them.


i think yes but in 6 - 9 months

i read that Ninja need 5 Tiles to cast 1st skill , and Green Ninja reduce 10% mana in 5 tile ? seems pretty op for me

but since this is not HoTM , not everyone can get her , thats why i said 6-9 months

Havent been diggining arround ninjas at all.
Still at work so no time to try the event yet.
But fast question, to understand it right - all those ninja heroes can be used anywhere (raids, wars, quests etc), or it can be used only for ninja tower event?

I think the risk of getting them nerfed is pretty low this time as they are practically worthless on defense.

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Meh, this kinda sucks. Huge time sink, little reward, and heroes that appear worthless on defense… YAY


The heroes seems nice but the odds… not worthy the savings. Some of them also seems in danger for being nerfed. The event rewards are also… hm. The mechanics aren’t all that boring but sometimes you’ll get cursed on pure bad board fault. I don’t feel like it’s worthy using many tornadoes. More of the same. The design is overall good. Not horrible like Tavern but far away from exciting as well.


True. Good things is at least it doesn’t use world energy.

If the goal of the ninja tower was to spread the gap between P2W and C2P + F2P then i think the implementation was successful…


Gentle Topic Reminder

This threads topic is to discuss the HEROES specifically. Not the merits, benefits, rewards or whatever.


It says ninja tower thoughts and discussion. That’s a wide range. Now you want to slim to conversation to a more pointed direction? I’d change the header then.


Uh it wot now…?

It’s pretty clear… Always has been thus.


I’m so looking forward to seeing these Ninja on defence teams. Please, please, please can people line them up asap so I can laugh when the AI decides not to fire them off.

These are potentially the most broken heroes in the game but really need a human mind to control them

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I think Jade will work as a tank … even with randomised 1/2/3 specials …

We are talking 5 / 9 / 13 (with level 29 mana troop) tiles, which is ultra fast / average - 1 tile / very slow - 0.5 tiles.

She gives you mana reduction and dodge at various degrees of strength, while she has defence and HP stats close to Telluria.

I think she’s gonna be a pain in the butt to kill…


Not sure why if we select the ninja heros on our def team we could select which charge they would use their special at. Also does anyone know if they release what the deals are?

It would be very interesting to know if it is 4.8 or 4.9 tiles. 4.8 tiles it would be enough to need ONLY 4 tiles on Mana troop 23 with 4% emblem bonus while on 4.9 it wouldnt be enough

Maybe my math is wrong, but lvl 23 mana troop is +13%, and 4 * (1+ .13 + .04) = 4 * 1.17 = 4.68 which is still below 4.8. Even with lvl 29 mana troop 4 * 1.19 = 4.76 is still short. Am I missing something?

I don’t think heroes will be nerfed bc they look almost purely offensive. If they go off first tier on defense people won’t use them (unless they’re faster than very fast).

The only time anything gets nerfed is it it displaces the meta in war/defense and people cry SG into it.

It’s randomised 1/2/3 by the AI.

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Already confirmed - it’s 5 for any level of mana troops.


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