🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Well at least don’t take Mitsuko against him x_x
Also we see more and more alfrike in tourney defense and she’s not doing that bad

i haven’t seen alfrike outside of vfast tourneys

but thanks for the tip and will keep an eye out

Agree but One Reason we don’t see owl and others is they compete for the same resources, but they require so much work, plus building a team around them to shine — it’s just not worth climbing that mountain and the pile of grief you catch :slight_smile:

Malosi is Really strong against purple slows

I did great in attack wars with owl on another account with a deep bench…

If memory serves

Freya, Aegir, Puss, Owl, QoH (or BK? Been a while…); emblemed up and trooped up

Averaged (Over time) almost a extra flag Spent per war over a more traditional lineup

There are lots of solid configurations — particularly outside the mana troops > all and other laws that have been chipped away at with each new release …

Think the ninjas will be similar — in they can be viable on a wildcard / honeypot defense; but the peer pressure to conform To cookie cutter Based on early impressions And ‘expert opinion’ will be tough to overcome

If they’re deemed to suck on defense early — it will be deemed Eternal truth :slight_smile:

Having said that — owls big boom can be absorbed much easier with the glut of high defense 1500+ hps, so he’s not as good of a ‘death blossom’, even if you do the work to grind him out… Like putting gas in a car that’s already been wrecked :slight_smile:

I’d still be interested in seeing him with a yellow ninja troop —

I agree, He’s not a great hero — but His wins have just been more pivotal that his losses or avg performances when measured in aggregate

Think their is a real opportunity with the ninjas in war to tinker with the margins on stalemate match ups where the boards are the biggest variable Because both sides have mitigated each other’s potential advantages of work / quality — as it adds a few extra tricks for the AI

Can someone post the full screen photos of cobalt and onyx? Like when you select the card and click the magnifier.

Have not been RNG blessed with Onyx. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s the same view as when you see them in the Portal :wink:


@Mr.Spock (and anyone else reading now) I have added the artwork for the 8 ninja heroes to the OP. I also plan on adding in All-in-one infographics when I get the final go-ahead from the Content Creators.


I’m just trying to get them on the black background for video thumbnails. I found a few released images on Google on that grey background but only a few were available.

I made some pulls for this event and I got Jade (if only I had got Cobalt, as this ninja caused me a lot of trouble along the ninja tower).

Regarding the mana charge, I have tested Jade in some regular battles both with attack and defense troops, and she charges very randomly. Sometimes slow, sometimes really fast. As a tank, she could be useful, but I don’t find ninjas reliable on defense. In fact, if I could choose that they would attack with the 300% of charge, that would be interesting.

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Did a 10 pull and a couple singles… landed Ametrine and Sapphire plus Zulag. Not bad. These 2 4* have about 5* attack power, might be good to round out a couple war teams.

Anyone know how the charge heroes will work for rush attack? Maybe I missed it.

@Mr.Spock here’s Onyx

@Guvnor just looked and he’s missing from OP :wink:

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Has been answered previously;

The rule for Rush Attack Tournaments is:

“All heroes mana speeds are set to very fast”

So Ninja’s mana speed of “charge” is replaced with “Very Fast” meaning that they get +100% charge for every 6.5 tiles (un-mana-broken).

Edit: Have added it to the OP for visibility.

Also I had added Onyx’s artwork… dumb thing was just in a hidden section lol.

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Game Gods were kind to me…

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All in all I got two Sapphires and two Shales. I can put two in flanks and never need the third charge.


Now with Ninja.
It’s more broken…

GTC Combo now is sureal…

Grave Telly and Cobalt.

Even Mitsuko can’t help at all with her Reflect cause Cobalt Bypassing defense.

Too OP…

Should have just make the bypassing

And last charge 50%

Early high % from 1st charge is too OP and 100% at full charge…
There’s no more counter for this Hero.

Like before Finley has JF and Mitsuko for counter.

But with Cobalt… Never gonna have counter with 100% bypassing and early 65% I think for first charge

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I tested Cobalt vs Mitsuko…
Cobalt loses, he does not bypass reflect

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Maybe malosi can block the bypass?

I finally pulled a ninja 5s I wanted… against a cost. Ninja’s are not easy to pull!

Ps: pulled Garnet. And this babe is On Par !

Right now it seems like there’s a bug where Ranger’s talent can bypass the reflect buff if the hero has other defensive buffs.

But staff have said that’s not supposed to happen.

So it seems like staff think that Cobalt shouldn’t be able to bypass Mitsuko’s reflect ever, and same with the ranger talent and ninja troop chance. Reflect buffs are suppossed to be immune to being bypassed according to this thread: [WORKING AS INTENDED] Cobalt vs Mits

Will be interesting to see what comes out of that thread and what the game devs feel is the right behavior.


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