🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Cobalt garnet and onyx are the best ninjas…
Mica is ok on offense but on defense he s not that good while jade is the worst of the pack

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Shale would beg to differ that she’s the worst lol

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I was mentioning 5 stars only

Sorry, but Onyx Frigg Garnet Odin Cobalt in Reverse is unraidable! Why garnet protects all With her ■■■■■■■ 1x Mana speed? The Family bonus is too much! SG, nerf them finally!!!

July 16, 2021 - YouTube

Finished for first time tower, unexpected. As i am.not so powerfull, i think the key was to keep diamonds and bombs for removing curses.

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The ninja tower is by far the most tedious ■■■■ they have ever put into the game.

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Hello this is SKI-SKI. Today’s topic is ninjas. Your thoughts?

I hate seeing multiples across the battlefield! They work off each other well and are a pain in my butt!

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I know you’ve got some interesting points and a YouTube channel to run, but most of these topics exist already.

It’s probably best if you have one thread for your channel that you add new videos to it.

Cheers Jonah


Here are my thoughts on Ametrine. Please let me know what you think!


I know that the ninjas get down graded in rush wars but I’m curious on Mica, I really don’t care if he reaches that 3rd charge, I want him in the mix for the shared damage

Our alliance runs purple tanks with a yellow flank, im still undecided on Mica for rush wars

I would like to know that results if you do use mica.

I noticed that in the V43 notes, Ruby, Zirconia, and Quartz are not listed. Is that a typo?

Your correct but they are mentioned in SGs official calender of events

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New hero are usually not mentioned in the release notes.

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Feel that it’s too soon to tell but my team was defeated 3 times, each time, 3 attacks were needed. Total 9 flags used

Alfrike was taken out first on first attempt, second attempt, Mica.

Similar results with the remaining attacks

Here we have all of the old Ninja hero details.

A topic is just came up in one of the new Ninja Hero topics.

Is there a demand for individual Ninja hero topics for each of old Ninja heroes ?

  • Yes, it would be good to have a separate topic for each old Ninja hero.
  • No, it is not needed.

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I will leave this poll open for at least 4-5 days.

If there is a need of them, then I can add these.


I do now know how this poll got closed, but it seems like more members wanted these topics.
So I have added them. :slight_smile:


Is ninjas good for VF war? One more question- is very fast mana heroes like Gravemaker , Clarissa are good for VF War? Thank you in advance.:face_with_monocle::nerd_face:

No, they become even slower than normally (6.5 stones per charge during rush instead of 5 stones everywhere else)

Good not really, but at least not bad. Most of the time there is a reason, that slow heroes are slow, if for example a azlar c is now the same speed as gravemaker azlar c is far better. And that’s with most very fast compared to slow heroes during rush.

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