🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Does anyone know if it is supposed to work the way that, if the mana is charged with 150%:

And I fire level 1, the mana bar is getting completely empty?

From my understanding, it should still be loaded with 50%, or am I wrong?

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It depletes everything after launch

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That’s the way it is working, but the question is, is this the way it is designed or is this maybe a bug?

Not really. It’s a matter of choice of when to launch. It is designed to let the user make the decision to fire now and waste part of the mana or delay the skill.

It changes the attackers gameplay through this

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I’m having trouble figuring this out, maybe it’s staring me in the face though.

I’ve noticed when I fight ninjas, the charge while it’s still my turn. It just happened to me twice. Cobalt was about 90% charged, I had several specials ready. I fired Gefjon and it hit him bringing his health down. Upon hitting cobalt his special was full and ready to fire, even though it was still my turn and I had more specials to fire.

Do ninjas gain mana when you fire specials at them or when they are low health? Please, someone tell me what I’m missing.

They have multiple charges. And there is a “killswitch” or “failsafe” of sorts.

So normally, the ninjas randomly select to fire at either 1x, 2x or 3x charges.

HOWEVER, they trigger immediately if (if possible) when they drop into “low HP” region.

Read more here: Ninja Changing when they Fire Special Skill -- Gone from 2x & Holding for 3x to "S" with no mana change

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So it’s a mechanic that is no where mentioned on the ninjas card or explained by staff (I saw Petri’s response). This just doesn’t make sense to me. Everything in this game is written or has an explanation but this goes without? As if Ninjas weren’t strong enough.

In fairness, the ninja’s holding charge to 2x or 3x sometimes but othertimes firing at 1x is also “no where mentioned on the ninjas card”.

Also worth noting that this is not a new change, has been there since the start… so the ninja’s aren’t “stronger” because of this… Likely you just never noticed it before but it has been happening the whole time.


True, holding a charge is not on the card, but it was explained and there is a reason to the mechanic and design.

But the ninjas gaining mana when hit by a special is different. What is the threshold? What is the reason? It’s so unlike any other hero in the game and with no explanation from staff, other than to say, “yup, it’s working how it should”, seems odd. I have noticed for a while, but it was only lately that it’s cost me the match multiple times. Also, they are very much stronger for this mechanic.

They don’t gain mana.

What @Guvnor meant was when the Ninja is on his way too charge 2 (or 3) he already has enough mana for charge 1 (or 2). But normally he won’t fire it because the AI said it will fire at charge two or three. But when you do damage to the ninja and he has low health after your attack (red health bar) he will change his original plan and will fire at the next turn with charge 1 (or 2).


Ninja’s aren’t gaining mana; no more so than any other hero in the game… They are just not waiting for the original charge level to fire their special skill but instead firing whatever they got right then.

Which is what I said and also what is explained in detail on the thread I linked.

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Ah, they drop a charge level and their special becomes active.I’m not sure how I missed that main point - possibly reading late at night or just when waking up.

I still think that should be included in their ninja bonus on their card. The Valhalla heroes have a similar low health provision written on their bonuses, so should ninjas.

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Hadn’t actually read this yet, as only recently am I encountering more ninja heroes. I thought they were behaving a bit suspiciously… by that, I mean, they don’t seem to follow the normal AI rules.

So not only do they hit like sledgehammers, they are also quicker and smarter than normal heroes. Fun stuff! :upside_down_face:

(the fun part is sarcasm; would be fun if I had any ninjas of my own, less fun when you don’t have any and you’re forced to fight them)

My opinion is the tower is really hard to finish it and of course you can but only if you have a really deep bench or heroes all maxim level of only if you use tons of tornado. In my opinion the tower has to be a bit more accessible otherwise only really powerful guy’s can finish it (20%) of the ppl who actually paid big amounts of money in it

Nope. I’ve finished it every time and I’ve never spent money on this game.

Didn’t take too many tornadoes either as I was rewarded more in loot for tornadoes than I used.

Don’t necessarily need that deep of a bench either. Easier to kill as quickly as possible with good heroes so you don’t have to worry about curses.

I don’t have any of the heroes you mention here:


Not that they are bad, but I have a problem with Garnet and Onyx, the two I have maxed.
When I watch them in auto mode or in defense, the AI appears to let them go off randomly,
Or possibly when they are low on health.
I have seen Garnet stand there idly watching her whole team go down, even at mana level 3.
Likewise, Onyx may fire too early or sometimes not at all.
So that is a weakness.
Question: is there any way of positining them to make them more effective?
Or pair them with other heroes that would make them smarter?
I started with Onyx on left wing, but now letting others that need to go off early have that spot.
Garnet is usually tank.

For me the ninja tower is boring, it becomes almost like a job and all joy of playing dissapear.

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Ik its March 2021. Thread arrived in Oct 2020.
I want to say that I find the NINJA HEROS difficult to counter when ATTACKED by 3 of them in a 5* lineup, maxed and fully emblemed.
ESPECIALLY the ones with Ninja troops. lol

I would be pumped to have the 5* Ninja heros.

If I had the ascenion items + emblems aplenty.
They would have both.

What heros compete w/ them? For what position?
There is a place where IK that I can gain advantages w/ Ninjas. Several.
Wars. Titans. Quests. Raids. Events.

Maybe not my first choice every single time I create any 5 team for whichever Empires activity. True. However, Ninjas are a solid plus to any hero arsenal. imo



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A very slow mode? Hmm, that’d be interesting. I’d try that.

Was think of Limit Breaking Sapphire to see if we can get a cheap version of Cobalt. Has anybody done this, recommend this or want to dissuade m from this?

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