🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Moved Garnet into the tank position had have been pretty happy with performance so far.

Just curious, who are your flanks on Garnet tank ? Thanks

Costume Kaliden and alfrike

Cool I just got Garnet maxed , I love her on hard map levels and raids, have a good one !

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This is wrong…Cobalt wins every time. Mitsuko is worthless against Cobalt! That’s BS! Why is Cobalt a god and bypasses EVRY BUFF? That’s just stupid with his crazy high attack stat and damage. He is worse than Finley and Killhare.

He doesn’t bypass every buff. The chance for bypass only triggers if there is a DEFENSIVE buff in play (i.e. those that affect the defence stat in the damage calculation); or Counterattack buff. They recently added in the Reflect buff too (see this thread: [Solved - V33 Update] Reflect buffs can only be bypassed by Ranger Talent, Ninja troops, etc. IF there's another defensive buff casted on top of it)

So a visual explanation:

So stuff like Costume Kadilen’s dodge buff still kick in, provided there isn’t a defence buff also (e.g. vivica’s buff).

Also, at 1x & 2x charge, cobalt won’t guarantee any bypassing :slight_smile:

If you read the whole thread it wasn’t wrong at the time I wrote it, when mitsuko’s buff was the only buff in effect.
Now it is incorrect (if you read the patch notes for the latest release you will notice that it specifically references this interaction).


The only Ninja I have is Sapphire. I like her, but I think I trick myself into waiting till they’re at #3 to attack, and they aren’t great on defense, so I lose out a lot.

Shouldn’t that chart day Rogue at the top instead of ranger?

That’s pretty much everything…so he doesn’t “bypass” JUST the dodge effects basically?

In my experience he ALWAYS bypasses whoever he hits regardless of charge level. He NEVER gets reflected by Mitsuko for example anymore since the change, even if it’s charge 1. It’s like Black Knights “50%” chance for “just a flesh wound”. That’s like at least 75% going to happen. It’s not confirmation bias. I record my BK fights because I know it’s wrong.

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What? Ranger talent is the one with a chance to bypass (pierce)… Rogue is a chance to dodge…?

There’s a lot more enemy buffs than just those but OK :slight_smile:

That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it :slight_smile: I’m not going to bicker/ argue over it.

And so now Cobalt is the New Broken Hero.
Cause they announced that the Bypass also included Elemental Reflect.

Wow just wow


Not sure where all the hate for Jade is coming from. I’ve played with her not yet fully ascended and her 3x special is devastating.

To have your opponent waste all that time and energy to charge up a splash-damage special, and then get zero damage for it on anyone, has frequently made the difference in winning or losing for me.


In my opinion, if we compare Jade with the other ninjas, she’s absolutely the weakest one.

I suggested that her special was changed, but I know it won’t be possible. (I’d prefer 100% of dodging special attacks for 2 turns instead of 75% for 5 turns). :man_shrugging:t4:
She’s like Margaret (with differences, obviously) when she was initially released. A % of attack harm would be fairer to be at the same level as her ninja colleagues.

I got both of them and I haven’t maxed them yet. I hate playing with probabilities, that why I hate Wu Kong and Ranvir as well.


What to oppose to temporary HP? Garnet gains x1 charge in 1-2 turns, and x2 in 3-4 turns. she never uses x3 when is in the center, I think this is because she loses hp and uses all the accumulated mana. Plus, the opposing team is always immune to ailments. I always attack similar opposing teams, and the win rate is <50%, while there are no problems with other red centers.

A health remover like Alfrike, Almur, or Fura… IOW, go heavy blue and out damage her. Or mana control her.

Agree. If Cobalt gets 100% bypass for absolutely MASSIVE damage, why is Jade at 75% chance to dodge? Same with that stupid panda HOTM. A 75% chance fails a lot! At least the panda does SOME meager damage to compensate. Jade does nothing. She’s as passive as you can get. By FAR the worst of the ninjas. Like, not even close. She’s a C at best and all the others are A to A+.

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I still wish they would add 3 * heroes to this event :slight_smile:

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I got Jade in the last Ninja event, and at first I was really happy. I maxed her in an instant but since then I really tried to love her but I’m just not able to. I can’t find any purpose for her, where I think she is better than some other green I could take with me.

On defense I tried some different teams around her as tank, but every constellation worked better with telluria as tank (yes the same telluria so many claim is useless after her nerf) and on any other position it became even worse. Maybe she works in an all Ninja defense team, but I’m not blessed with any of her fellows.

On offense the problems got even more apparently because we have two other green heroes with very similar skills.

Stats    Jade    Mageret    Kadilen costume
Atk      692       821            698
Def      819       648            830
Hp       1446      1260           1398

Her first charge needs 5 tiles, Mageret with her fitting mana troop needs 6. Close enough for me to compare these two.
Jade has a 10% manacut which on offense is nearly useless because you must move your stones after the special and a full hero after the cut will be full again after your move. Remains the dodge, 25% for herself for 3 turns.
Mageret does some damage, 150% against 3 with very high base damage, has dodge for 3 with 30-90%, every dodge generates mana and because she’s a Hotm she has an element link (46% deff against fire).
Compared with mageret her first charge is not underwhelming, it’s disastrous. And don’t forget Mageret was called one of the worst Hotm’s of all time before her buff, and even now is not really loved.

Her second charge needs 9 tiles with manatroop, Kadilen costume needs 7.
Jade has now 15% manacut, not great, but maybe you won’t charge the opposite heroes with your tiles. It’s still not great on offense, but better than the first charge.
Her dodge is now 50% for 3 for 4 turns. That’s around the same as mageret, who is one match faster.
Kadilen does 170% damage to all opponents, and doge for all with 45% for 3 turns and every dodge will generate a minion.
The dodge is now nearly similar 50% to 45% but one does it for all at faster speed, the other only for 3 and slower. And I would rate damage much higher than manacut on offense.
The difference is not as big as with her first charge, but I think her second charge still lacks compared to Kadilen.

Her third charge is useful, I will admit that, but maybe because there is nothing to compare her to.
25% manacut is useful even on offense and 75% dodge for all for 5 turns is more than nice.
The only problem is, you need at least 13 tiles, if you don’t have a fitting manatroop 15 tiles, which is slower than very slow. That’s maybe not a big problem with the other ninjas, if you reach charge 3 a lot of your heroes should already have fired and you only need to finish your opponent off.
With Jade you won’t do any direct harm to your opponent. If the match is in your favor you probably won’t need the dodge at all, at this point. And if you’re loosing, Jade won’t change the tides in your favor, she will just buy you some time. Sometimes a little more time is enough, but in my opinion this does not justify her special.

On offense I would rather use two Magerets or kadilen costume. With two Magerets you will have good protection for the whole team nearly from the start and will do some serious damage. You can fire each Mageret at least 2 times before you could fire Jade charge 3 once.
Even Kadilen costume, you can fire 2 times before Jade’s third charge if you have at least one lvl 17 mantroop but no lvl 29.

In conclusion I can say I find her very underwhelming and can’t really find a place for her in my heart.
I’m happy for everyone who likes her and makes good use out of her.


I’m testing her with a team with QoH so that I don’t need the 3rd charge. It’s the only combo I found (a bit) useful at the moment. I’m not convinced at all to put her in a defense team as a tank, although her defense stats are pretty high.

I got Margaret as well and I still really hate her, even after her buff.

The option I’d like the most is C. Kadilen.

So unleveled ninjas:

Cobalt, Onyx, Garnet > Mica >>>>> Jade.

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Me too…

I suspect they will be added eventually as the portal now have only 8 heroes which is about the half of 15 which is the number of a full set of 3,4,5 star herores

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