🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Imo Ninjas would be More interesting on defense If you could peg their mana (1,2,3) when you Place them On the team; then that’s how they function

As is — never know if The attack is going to get a toddler having a tantrum or rook on a catnip bender


Would it help to tank with Mica instead of Telly? Once the spirit link is up the enemies will have a much harder task killing your team. Not sure but worth a couple of days of experimenting.

My belief is that IF Mica fires he tilts the field more strongly in his team’s favor than Telly does (mana boost, spirit link and defense up). Partly because people have sussed out how to deal with Telly AND her nerf really hurt her effectiveness.

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Of all the ninja heroes. Cobalt is the one I would like most. I am weak in blue still and could do with the extra help (especially his high attack stat to improve my titan hits.) I already have slow Isarnia in my blue stack and the combo of them going off together if can survive long enough should be a real leveler for me with that team allowing my Fenrir to then mop up any scraps.

Wouldnt put him anywhere near my defence team, but from a purely offensive standpoint hed make a great addition.

I did get Sapphire, as things stand she is next blue after Triton ( before I am left with only agwe left…)

Well, in my personal experience. It doesn’t take more than a single day to determine how poor the results are with a particular setup when compared to a typical long withstanding cup retention. When there’s such a massive dip from an ongoing 2620 cups with a previous defense to 150 cup drop with a new defense, that speaks volumes.

Ran this through the night, this time with 3x ninjas and once again, almost dropped into the high 2400 cup range.

Haven’t Tanked mica and at this talent level, I won’t. To me, there’s a greater chance of him never going off as a tank, because of the random mechanic, and that’s not including him being destroyed.

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I saw a video from Anchor yesterday with Cobalt on defense. His mono red team, that was max/near max health got wiped by a x3 Charge Cobalt. 3 deaths outright, the other two so low they were finished off by normal hits.

I’ve updated the status effects table to include Jade’s dodge.

You can stack this dodge with other dodge status effects, at least that’s what I think was possible in Beta. Not sure if I am misremembering here


May It be because people is more likely to not reroll your team due to wanting to test against the new ninjas? As there are generally more losses as defense than wins, hence the increased cup drop? Just guessing

Possibly, but I’m not sure if rerolling is quite as prevalent in diamond league unless people are hunting for specific individuals.

I’m looking at the end results. If the defense is strong enough, the team should (in theory) be able to retain cups right at the edge of the systems efforts to bring players at a specific margin of cups. I didn’t expect Tell results. In fact, Tell results pale in comparison to tanking Freya flanked by Heimdall and Fong.

I’ll keep playing with configs but still expect the same results.

I personally think Ninjas were intended as offense only. If they are OK at defense that’s fine but not their primary use.

SG has come unstuck trying to add variation into the defensive META making OP offense heroes a much safer bet. Desireable without killing the game…

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I can agree with that.

I will say, raiding with rainbow got fun again.

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I wanted Garnet but scored Amentine, Cobalt and Onyx. Gave up pulling after I got the 3rd because that felt unreasonably lucky for 15 pulls and have been reevaluating my line ups and levelling priorities since Ninjas.

I would instantly attack that composition for obvious reasons zzz.

That’s just the thing, what composition? Placement doesn’t really matter when the mechanics don’t fire in any kind of sequence. I could put onyx on a flank, but does it really matter when the mechanics may fire him as if he were on the wing?

At the end of the day, I suppose as long as I stay in Diamond. Doesn’t really matter that they don’t stay at a higher cup level. I do like waking up to resources in my tower.

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I wonder why every ninja hero doesn’t have his thread on the forum? For example, as new heroes, they already have Halloween events and we didn’t even play against them.


That’s why i said composition, not placement. With 3 ninjas and the AI you can be sure it will act inappropriately during a defense.

My new favourite 4*

Cheap power (and KGB like dispell then hit $$$) when measured up against my favourite 5*

Here they are in action with Rigard C attack boost and panther defense down on enemies.


Sapphire on defense

Onyx on defense

Jade on defense

More videos of how ninja heroes perform on defense available on my youtube channel


@Mr.Spock I’m eager to know your opinions on these heroes and specifically on onyx and cobalt.
Can’t wait to see your reviews on your channel

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I have made some Shale calculations.
My conclusion is that she has good stats and if you want to go further and emblem her you can have a kind of red Aeron without spending 4☆ mats.

Def/HP path

Sword route

Is she better than c.Rigard? No. However , in a green meta, we can consider her, depending on each roster.

Shes cheap to do and may be worth it.


I have Mica maxed and was considering taking emblems from Telly to bump him to +19 and give him a shot at tank. My only concerns are that purple has some really strong dispellers and Mica’s special doesn’t hurt the opposition. Anyone out there used him at tank or faced him as tank? I think fielding a yellow tank is tough in general since purple is loaded with heavy hitters.

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