🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

See my other posts both in that thread and in here discussing that.

It is dependant on either the cast order or the expiry order of the buffs and needs looking at.

She is not too powerful! She is on Par with the ones you just mentioned. And I don’t have those, not GRAVE, Nor Mother North and the list goes on and on and on.

Mine is yet a baby. But i find shes so good on offense if you need something grazul like you can always trigger her first charge. This will give you a little heal but the good thing is that if your heroes have full hp it adds like extra hp. Is like a snowball while you protect from aliments.

The second charge is so good because works like a fast speed hero and adds 400hp like gillinbursti.

Im not interested in saying shes better or not than GM , that has to say it someone that has tried both. I assume one is better on defense and other in offense. Both great heroes. Both more than usable


Cobalt’s card specifically mentions counterattacks as being bypassed

On the second attempt, Cobalt 1st charge deal 658 damage to Rigard-C+17 (def path). Not bad.
But with RNG cast skill on 1st/2nd/3rd charge are not optimal on defense IMO.

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I recently got Shale.
I thought great, a red Healer who cleanses ailments, so i quickly leveled him up… Only to find he is less than useless. I did 20 raids and he is too slow to cleanse ailments for all allies.

He needs to be 3* charge before his special is any real use. By that time you have had enough red tiles to kill the enemy without him.

Don’t waste your resources.


Shale is bad.

But Garnet is A+ healer.


I did this too…I was so psyched to get TWO shale out of three pulls.

I levelled him in two days, set aside wizard emblems and then looked at where he’d fit in…

And… he’s a very slow c.rigard with no attack boost?!

Very disappointing. I’ll feed him back to the tower in an early level next event so I can save BT and Rigard for the proper levels.


Looks like Shale and Jade should have effect on all allies at all charges. Why does Mica and Garnet cast effect on all allies and these 2 don’t? Shale and Jade must be fixed.



He is even need more 1.5 tiles to be a very slow heroes at 3rd charge, and I agree with no attack boost…

Very broken heroes… useless… :man_facepalming:

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Mate @NittanyLionRoar,

Thank you for the review video, one extra thing:
Ametrine is the only hero apart from Kage to dispel and then hit!

That is an amazing ability and one of the reasons Sonya and Caedmon are only decent because they often kamikaze/suicide on riposte when dispelling or just do much less damage if the enemy’s special is increased defense (normal or vs specials).

Not sure if that is enough to bump her up a grade point but IMO the order of her specials is what makes her shine. She can attack fearlessly, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that her damage will always be dealt fully to the enemy.


Agree. I’d trade my Jade straight up for an Ametrine!

It would be wonderful that Jade and all allies could dodge attacks 100 % for two turns instead of 75 % for 5 turns.:grin:

This is great news! I didn’t realise! Thanks for pointing that out!

Especially now costumed Boril for example protects everyone, or people use multiple riposte heroes, so it’s getting harder to hit an adjacent hero with a debuff.

Just confirmed my suspicions of your roster.

If you expect to win raids consistently vs 4700+ defenses with your roster, that is delusional.

I’ll bet if this guy attacks his own defense with his full roster, he will have more success than you but even he will fail because of rng.

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Ok I’ll give you two amertine and sapphires for your Jade.

If only that was allowed…

I pulled FIVE Ametrines (and one of each of the other 4*). I’ll max at least three of them (maybe all of them for future Ninja Towers’ first floors).

She’s almost a 5*, attacking-wise.

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I used all my coins, bought the 300 coin pack for nine more pulls and did 2 10x pulls and not a single ninja, had been hoping for Ametrine (4* are realistic to summon with just a few tries).

Was disappointed because I would certainly like to test and try out the new mana charge mechanic. Love the optionality on offense, having flexibility to pull the trigger based on what is happening is brilliant (normal heroes don’t get a more powerful special if holding to fire after the enemy, these do, love that!).

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