🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

me, too. I will level him and Santana on 3.70 has to wait

Ninja heroes are not balanced, period.
They will probably have another Telluria-kind effect on the game.

This game is not serious anymore about new features/heroes. There’s only one goal in mind, and we know what it is.

Now i sit and wait to see what is gonna happen next.
Probably bake some pop corn.


I think so. look at cobalt. He is the new telluria…

Lol, same here. Worked so hard on Sartana. Well, she will have to wait even longer now :wink:

Not so negative all! The game must evolve, otherwise it gets the same old again and again, which would be worse than trying new stuff to keep it exciting…


@Guvnor I might have missed it, but maybe it wasn’t asked before:

Can you clarify how a Ninja will behave/charge in Rush war and Rush Tournaments?


So while other heroes are the same or sped up, ninja heroes are actually weaker in rush tournaments!

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Thanks for the help @FighterJack

So I assume correct, that multiple charges are possible but the tiles per charge is slower? Or is it only step one which can be released?

I don’t know. My guess is that you can still get multiple charges, but instead of 4.9 tiles for each charge it is 6.5.

If Cobalt bypasses enemy buffs, can he still proc Jinx? I assume yes

This might be off topic, but I couldnt find another thread discussing actual mechanics of the Ninja Tower.

My question is:

If a hero is already dead, how can he be cursed?


The artificial difficulty is starting to get more and more noticeable. Unless you are a super whale you will be at a net gain in items and general stuff. Artificial Difficulty in video game is not a good look and at best at #1 you get 2 nodes filled on your 5 star hero.

With the most humblest way as I possibly can. I do good at this game but I am personally not having fun with this quest at level 39 and I got to think of the rest as well. This is not accessible for a lot players to participate in.

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Did 3 pulls got mica. Video of me testing him at 3-70 on offense. Seems pretty legit with that charge speed and mana generation.


Wow…can you say overpowered? That’s crazy.

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Yeah def! Just at 3-70 too. I wanted the others but damn


cause she can be vfast to vslow

unpredictability isn’t typically a good sign of a defense hero

defense, players usually go with the most consistency they can find. hence how defenses are typically setup with AoE instead of snipers, less room for error and if snipers are involved then they typically play wings so they fire when less targets are available. avg and slow mana are usually used in front 3 to fire more consistently. vslow heroes are left out of defenses outside of vfast rules.

etc etc etc

so she has 1 out of 3 chance at firing at vslow

that’s 1 out of 3 matches where the match starts out favoring the attacker regardless of what board the attacker gets


The design of the ninjas is poor and cheap, just a bad copy of Naruto comic styles. They dont fit the theme and other heros at all! Add something with quality but not those quick drawn mortal kombat turles naturo clones.


My thoughts exactly. This game is changing at a fast pace and I definitelly don’t like the turn it takes. For the first time in two years I encounter an event I find neither the apeal nor the desire to complete. Anyway, I most likely I don’t have the roster to make it to the top and I’m not gonna throw battle items away on a wild goose chase… gameplay sucks, curses are many times unavoidable, bosses are absudly OP, rewards are… wait! Actually are there any rewards?


May be those ninja characters are designed by other designer ? But IMHO style of Mortal Kombat ninja is look slightly nicer than them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fun fact:
None of the artwork is developed in house.

I stumbled on it when looking for some background images for Puzzle Combat… All the artwork is done by external design studios and they (SGg) commission the stuff they like.


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